Thursday, January 8, 2009

TMGB + AAB = ???

(Sung to the tune of whiny school girls on a playground)

"AAB and TMGB sittin' in a tree, b-l-o-gg-i-n-g."

Since I posted the first Man Monday installment this week, I have received several emails and a couple of blog comments asking me if TMGB and I have met.

No, we haven't.

But should we?

  • He is funny. (At least, in writing he is.)

  • He is Italian. (I know this from the emails we exchanged prior to him becoming a guest blogger. I'm Italian too, so I know what I'm getting myself into there.)

  • He is close with his family. (Again, I am gathering this from his emails.)

  • He uses proper grammar. (Something about a guy who can't spell totally turns me off. Is that wierd? Ha ha ha. Gotcha. I spelled "weird" wrong on purpose. If you're a guy reading this and you didn't catch that, don't bother emailing me. Unless you're really, really cute.)

  • I do not like blind dates. "WHAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUT, Always a Bridesmaid?," you say? True. I have been going on more blind(ish) dates. But, to be fair, the guys I've gone on those dates with have always been somewhat vetted by a friend or family member first. (Or me, but I just didn't remember. NOTE: the attorney referenced in that linked blog post later became The Lawyer.) That said, TMGB appeared out of the blue. What if he's a serial killer who finds his victims on blogs about their horrendous dating lives?!?! Just sayin'.

  • I have absolutely no idea what TMGB looks like. How tall is he? Does he wear tons of jewelry (other than a watch)? What's his smile look like? (Not that I'm totally superficial. But I do think you have to be attracted to someone in order for it to work. I mean, what if he's this guy?)

  • I have no idea if he meets any of the criteria I look for in a guy. (Other than the funny part.)

  • I have really been enjoying this whole guest blogging thing that TMGB and I have been email bantering about. And if I meet him, I think that might ruin it.

So, I'm torn.

I get where you were all coming from when you emailed me to meet him... but I'm just not sure I'm there yet!

Give me a few weeks and we'll talk about it again then.

Til then, carry on with your silly schoolgirl chants.


Medicated and Motivated said...

hmmmmmmm, that is a tough one.

I think he should blog his thoughts on this next Monday and then we can make a more informed decision. :)

Anonymous said...

Let him call Blogdad for a screening first. If he is truly Italian, he will understand. (We are talking about my little girl. If anyone is going to do the vetting, let it be me) Let It Be Me. Wasn't that a song by the Beatles? You know, the group Paul McCartney ws in before Wings.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the song Let It Be? Dude, your wife is obsessed with the Beatles. You should know this.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

put his email into facebook and myspace, see what pops up.

i say go out with him!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Let It Be Me a Ray LaMontagne song? Why yes, yes it is - and it's fantastically sad/hopeful/beautiful. Just like all the best are...

(For what it's worth, The Beatles' Let It Be is of course a GREAT song, too...

Happy hunting, AAB...

Anonymous said...

go. out. with. him.

Dr Zibbs said...

Go for it!

Ashley // Our Little Apartment said...


And he reads your blog, right?

So if you blog about him...

Sticky sitch.

Famously Single said...

I like the stalker e-mail look up idea, or you could just say send me a picture. Because what if he is drop dead gorgeous and not only is he funny, but cute too? Those men are hard to find!

slopmaster said...

you're totally right, if you're meant to meet, it will happen, kind of like I have mail or whatever that girly movie is called that I have never seen in my entire life nor own for my own collection.