Monday, January 5, 2009

A hairy situation

I guess I never realized how many men read this blog until I started getting emails from them. (Turns out they're just as confused about relationships as us!)

The email below was so sincere, I just had to post it. (Don't worry... Anonymous told me I could.)

Poor little Anonymous. (Would be a trip if his name were Harry, no?)

Ladies, take a gander at his question and comment with your thoughts. He'll be a better (groomed) man for it.


I have a question that I would be interested in your (and your reader's) opinion.

How do girls feel about guys who shave their chest and back? I am a very hairy guy and ashamed of it so I spend countless hours shaving my chest and back. Is that a turn off to girls? I figure a girl would rather be with a smooth skinned guy than Chewbacca. Is my assumption incorrect? I definitely don't have a models body to backup the baby smooth skin so does it make a difference if you're a fat guy who shaves his chest and back? I assume it is obvious to the girl that I shave so I'm not sure if it really matters in the end.

How about guys that give themselves "special haircuts." (Always a Bridesmaid sidenote: I'm assuming he's referring to his nether regions here?) I'm not talking Mr. Clean style haircuts, just some general house keeping to keep things in order...good idea? bad?

Feel free to post these questions and their answers on your blog.



Personally, I say ix-nay on the back air-hay (though I would recommend waxing over shaving). But I don't mind a little bit of chest hair. (As long as it's not so long you could put rasta beads on it.) The one thing that does gross me out is if there is a small tuft of hair peeking out from a guy's undershirt or t-shirt near his neck. GROSS.

So what do you think, ladies (and Brissy)? Help a brother out!


Megan said...

I would agree on waxing the back... how can you reach to shave your back anyway? I say leave the chest hair and maybe trim it regularly so that it's not super duper long. I say that "Special haircuts" are needed, but not bare...dated one guy who did that and it was sooo weird and prickly might I add... just trim so that it's not jungle-like.

Famously Single said...

Personally, I think a little hair is sexy. I don't want a guy who takes longer than me to get ready, what with the shaving and everything. Chest, a little is ok but none on the back. As for "down there", just a trim works...especially if you want the girl down there if you get my drift!

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with Megan. Hope we helped you out, Harry!

Medicated and Motivated said...

I have a very good guy friend that has the same problem. He doesn't shave/wax his chest, but he does get his back waxed. I would also recommend waxing over shaving.

I personally, don't like back hair, but I do like a guy to have at least a little chest hair. It kind of creeps me out if their chest is completely bare.

If your chest hair is just hair is just way too much (or too long), you could also try using clippers to kind of keep it neat, but not completely remove it.....I would also recommend doing the same thing for the nether regions.

Allison M. said...

Um, did you make this up? Maybe this guy is the 40-year-old virgin of Cleveland.

Of course, women want it shaved both upstairs and downstairs.

Anonymous said...

My guy's a little hairy, but I like a little chest hair. When we first started dating, he shaved a lot, and it left a prickly residue, which I didn't like but never mentioned. Then he started grooming with a trimmer, and that worked much better. Please, please scale down the nether region...makes it way more fun for your lady.

Anonymous said...

Men should be hairy.

Otherwise, I would only date women. They are the only ones allowed to have stubble.

Too funny, btw that Nightline featured a segment last night praising the return of male body hair... GOODBYE METROSEXUAL! WOO!