Friday, September 12, 2008

The finders' fee

It just occurred to me that I have not yet posted about the finders' fee. Seeing as The Coach date was a direct result of the finders' fee challenge (and I'm guessing future posts will reference it), here's the deal.

I issued a $1,000 finders' fee to anyone who introduces me to my future husband. Could be friends, family, friends of friends, work associates, (you?), etc. The check will be handed over at my wedding reception.

Why? I'd rather go out with someone who is at least semi-vetted by someone I know (vs. randomly going out with someone from the bar, trolling for guys online, etc.). This way, the potential finders' fee awardee knows my general likes/dislikes in a guy, my personality, the kind of guy I generally gravitate toward, and so on.

Here's what I usually tell people I'm looking for (in no particular order):

  1. Makes me laugh (which usually requires a sarcastic sense of humor and a very quick wit)

  2. Is family-oriented

  3. Has a job (or better -- a career) that he likes

  4. Is Catholic (not required, but a definite plus)

  5. Is polite to servers at restaurants (I've found that guys who are rude to servers have other tendencies I don't usually like)

  6. Metrosexual (as in, he is a good dresser, doesn't have dirt under his nails and just generally keeps up his appearance... but that doesn't mean he isn't into sports or can't fix a leaky faucet)

It's modern-day matchmaking!

And I'll tell you what. I have never been introduced to so many people as I have since I issued this silly finders' fee. And as my friend Molly likes to remind me... it only takes one guy.

So, the offer still stands. Do YOU have someone in mind?

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Tina♥ said...

I hate that you live in Ohio cause no lie my husbands very best friend sounds like your cup of tea. And although i dont know you that well, your quick witted sense of humor, values, and outlook on life seem to be just what he needs too. LOL

Ps And it it didnt work out i would just die from laughing hysterically about what your blogosphere "name" for him would be and what you would write. Now if only Pa was closer to OH though they are already pretty close. HAHAHA