Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Helllloooooo, 2011...

... and goodbye, 27 Dresses in Cleveland.

Yes, that's right. I'm breaking up again. But this time, it's not with a boy. This time, it's with my blog.

It's been a great ride, 27 Dresses, but I feel like this is for the best. For both of us.

I mean, I used to be so much more attentive. Remember when I used to write to you every single day? And how I used to so look forward to the time we'd spend together, as I'd write yet another post about a dismal date while watching the latest episode of The Bachelor? I just don't covet that time together any more. In fact, I dread it. And, probably most importantly, I used to be so much more honest with you. I don't like hiding things from you, 27 Dresses, but I just can't open up to you like I used to.

Now please don't blame yourself. You didn't do anything wrong. It's not you. It's me. Well, actually... it's us. We just grew apart.

No hard feelings, ok?

And if you *really* want to get in touch with me, you know where to find me.

(Just don't be mad if I screen your calls. Because you KNOW I won't be deleting your number anytime soon.)


In all seriousness, readers, it has been a wonderful ride here at 27 Dresses in Cleveland. Thank you so much for your support and laughs over the years. But it's time for this little ol' blog to close up shop to open up internet space for some other up-and-coming professional bridesmaids.

The best part about having this blog has been the wonderful friends I've made in real life. So if you've met me in real life, don't expect me to disappear just because my blog has! And, well... if we haven't met but you're just DYING to know who the REAL Always a Bridesmaid is, drop an email to cleve27dresses@yahoo.com and I might just tell you. (Though I think it's sorta fun to keep it a mystery, no?)

Smooches! And thanks for a very fun ride!

xoxo --
Always a Bridesmaid

P.S. I am well aware of the fact that you're all probably far more upset about never hearing from blogmom and blogdad ever again than the fact that this is my last post. But just amuse me, will ya? ;)