Tuesday, January 27, 2009

(Blog)daddy dearest

Oh my. Looks like we might have some fun boy stories on the way, courtesy of blogdad.

I got out of jazzerci... I mean... cardio class tonite and found a voicemail from blogdad. I called him back, and he asked several questions about my upcoming birthday (what kind of cake do I want? what time should everyone come over? how should we coordinate picking up my gift at the jeweler, etc.). But I could tell there was something more going on in that head of his.

Blogdad: So, have you talked to The Italian Stallion? (Reminder: blogdad gave The Italian Stallion my number back in December. They know each other through their jobs.)

Me: We talked a couple of times before Christmas, but then it just sort of fizzled out over the holidays, and we didn't talk again after that.

Blogdad: Well, I'm going to give your number to someone else then. I'm tired of reading all these guest posts on your blaaaaahhhg. (Always a Bridesmaid sidenote: blogdad pronounces the word "blog" exactly as I have spelled it, and it makes my sissies and me chuckle every time we hear it.)

Me: (Giggling. Because of the aforementioned pronunciation of "blog.") Oh, no. Who?

Blogdad: Another guy I work with. He's 35 and never been married. He's the one who does the modeling on the side too. (AAB sidenote: blogdad had mentioned this guy to me once before.)

Me: Sweet Jesus and Mary.

So, I haven't come up with a name for this guy yet because, let's be honest... I'm running out of clever names and have decided I need to at least talk to a guy before he gets a name on the blog.

Between The Teacher (who was also a bodybuilder on the side - though that option sort of fizzled over the holidays too) and this model guy, what are you guys trying to do to me? This has the potential to make for some bitchy "dieting AAB" posts. Which could actually be pretty fun.


d said...

My friends are usually like, "Oh, D, I have a great guy to set you up with. He works at the sewer."

Blogdad really knows all the right people.

Allison M. said...

Call him Tyson Beckford.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

if he's a male model there is no better option than derek zoolander.

Anonymous said...

So blogdad has the classic Cleveland accent, then?

Well you don't have a "The Model" yet. But you're right -- no contact = no name.

Anonymous said...

who needs match.com or eharmony with blogdad always looking out

Anonymous said...

Blogdad sounds like he has the hookup!

Joey said...

Oooh that will make the homemade pasta dinner even more entertaining...scratch the Catch Phrase, we have Blogdad's antics instead!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

D - yeah, blogdad really does have some "ins," doesn't he?

Allison - hilar. But I think I laughed harder at Alexa's name idea.

Jane Doe - it's not so much the Cleveland accent as he doesn't really seem to know how to say it. Because he says the word "log" normally. Guess adding the "b" throws him off. :)

Chuck & Rachel - totes!

Julesercise - between blogdad's guy suggestions and your internet sleuthing skills, we'll know all about this guy by the end of the nite on Saturday!

rachaelgking said...

At least he's a model on the side! As long as he's not gay...

Melanie S said...

That's nice of blogdad to look out. My dad mentions the guys he works with as well - except it's to ask for legal advice on their behalf - usually criminal. (He's a blue collar guy.)

35, single, model - worth a shot!

Chill said...

Ummm....i literally just laughed out loud at Alexa's comment. Especially since I know how much you like "Blue Steel".

Anonymous said...

"MANnequin" perhaps?

Mannequin 1: an artist's, tailor's, or dressmaker's lay figure ; also : a form representing the human figure used especially for displaying clothes
2: one employed to model clothing

just a thought.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

LiLu - ha! Laughed at the "as long as he's not gay" comment. Especially given my track record. :)

Miss Fabuloous - OMG, that's funny. Hey, "White-Collar Girl and Blue-Collar Boy" sounds like a good blog idea to me!

Carrie - I know, right? HA!

Colleen - oooh, I like MANnequin. Though it's one of those words that I always have to stop and think about how to spell. That could put a damper on things. Hmmm...