Thursday, January 1, 2009

My blog gets more action than I do

Picture it. It's a couple of days after Christmas. I'm sitting on the couch at one of my sissy's houses reading the January issue of Cleveland Magazine. I come across the "Hot Blogs" feature in the magazine. I scream.

Why? Because this little blog -- 27 Dresses in Cleveland -- was one of the blogs they highlighted! (Yes, the one you're reading right this second! The one that was on a couple of weeks ago!)

Thanks, Cleveland Mag! So fun! Are you trying to get in on the finders' fee action too?


Unknown said...

Well that's exciting!! Congrats!

Allison M. said...

No way! I'm claiming that finder's fee!

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

so jealous, i'm not going to lie.

i think my blog is luke warm or something. your's totally HOT! : )

also, yes you are one of my new blog friends -

but also, email me at my work email - alexa @ youknowwhereiwork com about getting involved!

happy new year!

Simply Married said...

I saw it! Congrats girl! Good things in store for you in '09. I feel it!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Tova - Thanks!

Allison - Put your... er... Louis where your mouth is!

Alexa -

Married - Thanks! Fingers crossed!

Famously Single said...


Anonymous said...


Also, I had been wondering what Monica Potter has been up to.