Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blogcation guest post

Yes, I'm still on blogcation.

No, I'm not coming back early.

But in the meantime, since so many of you have told me you've been checking here regularly hoping for a new entry, I thought I'd share this funny post from my friend Kissing Frogs, who seems to be, as she often likes to say, the conductor on the Loser Train lately. Enjoy!


So three months ago when I broke up with my boyfriend, everyone kept telling me how I deserved better and the best was yet to come. And I truly believe that, especially since my own blogmom constantly reminded me that the ex was a Confused Loser. Well, in this three month span, I didn’t think I would meet Mr. Right, but I didn’t think I would be meeting so many, well, toads.

  • The Chef - Actually met while still dating Confused Loser. He gave me his number and told me to call if things didn’t work out. Well, I held onto it (must have known), and I gave him a call. We finally met for drinks after a few weeks. Had a ton of fun, and he was actually the first to send me a "Happy Birthday" text just after midnight on my b-day. Never heard from him again…until last week. I sent a drunken text when I was out in Akron by the restaurant at which he works and that sparked him responding. He told me that we still need to celebrate my birthday. It was months ago. Oh, and I got invited out last weekend by him as well. Think I will send him back to the kitchen.
  • Dog Lover - He asked me to go to the dog park on a first date, not because I have a dog and told him my affinity for four-legged furry friends, but for the mere fact that he likes to include his dog in as much as possible. I think he has taken the term "man’s best friend" a little too far.
  • Mr. Random – Through a mutual friend I met fun and cute Mr. Random. I was convinced he would definitely make me forget Confused Loser. He suggested we do lunch since we work in the same building. That entire weekend leading up to lunch, he texted me and told me how he thinks I am cute and can’t wait for lunch. Three days after lunch, he texted and asked where I was. He said he was on his way to meet me. He never showed. Even though he had texted during the time being that he was on his way. I actually texted him and asked if he was alive. Nothing. Fast forward to last week. He was talking to our mutual friend and asked for my number again because he lost his phone and numbers. In the same sentence, he also told her that he can’t meet us out that night because he had a date. Well, the date must not have gone well, because Mr. Random texted me the next night. Here’s the kicker: my friend never gave him my number after he said he had a date. So did he have it the entire time and just waited to see if his other relationship or relationships went south?
  • Facebook Guy – While out on a great girls’ night (AAB sidenote: I was there too!), I met Facebook Guy. We talked for a while, but even though he seemed into me, he never asked for my number. The next day, I am checking my Facebook account, and I have a message from someone I don’t know. Who is it? The guy from the previous night. He searched all of Facebook using my first name and college. Got to give him props for his detective skills. He continued to e-mail me, but then after I accepted his friend request, and he could see my entire profile, he stopped talking to me. I am thinking of calling him out, or even worse, defriending him.

So Prince Charming is on his way, right? At least in the meantime, I meet entertainment!


So what do you think? Which of these guys was the biggest toad?

P.S. thanks (and hi!) to my new followers! I'm not sure if I should be more flattered or disturbed that I've actually picked up several new readers while I haven't even been writing! Man, I hope you don't leave when I come back. :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Taking a blogcation (blog + vacation)...

... til the week of August 10th.


A few reasons:

  • I realized this weekend that all everyone ever asks me about now is whether I am dating someone. My dating life has become my identity. This became painfully apparent on the 4th of July when the first question out of EVERY person's mouth that I hadn't seen in more than a month was, "So, are you dating anyone?" After hearing it, oh, about a hundred times, I was VERY over it. (And still am.) I realize that my dating life is all I talk about here, but in real life I actually do have other things to talk about. Yet my dating life still seems to trump all of them.

  • Also this weekend, I learned that one of the guys that I recently wrote about found out about the blog (and his appearance on it). And the only way he could have found out is if one of the handful of my friends who knew his real identity accidentally told him, or that one of them told someone who then told him. The circle of people who knew the guy's real identity was very small, so I know the news came from someone close to me. And while I'm sure it was harmless and/or accidental, it still sort of pisses me off.

  • I can't tell you the number of text messages and/or emails I've gotten recently from well-meaning friends telling me that there's a hot guy at [insert location where I am nowhere close to], or that I should check out [location that I'd probably never in a million years go to] to meet cute guys. While I totally appreciate the gesture and the fact that my friends are looking out for me (I know they just want me to be happy), those messages have actually been serving more as a reminder that I'm their only single friend.

  • And, the straw that broke the camel's back... I got a FB friend request last week from a guy who contacted me because our moms conspired to fix us up. (I knew nothing about it prior to getting the friend request.) When the situation was further investigated, I discovered that... wait for it.... the only way blogmom knew of this kid was because his mom waited on blogmom at Macy's.

I just sort of feel like my singlehood (and this blog, to some extent) has become too much of my identity lately. I don't really want to be AAB first and foremost in everyone's mind anymore.

So, check back here the week of August 10th. That's when the 50 days' indulgence following my Girl Sweetheart's Daily Prayer is up. (I've been saying the prayer faithfully every day, so let's hope it works!)

Maybe I'll have some positive boy news to report by then. (You know what they say... good things happen when you're not looking for them.)

And if not, hopefully I'll at least feel a little more like myself... and less like "the girl who writes the dating blog."

See you in a few weeks! Stay out of trouble!