Thursday, January 29, 2009

You say it's your birthday... na na na na na naaah

It's my birthday too, yeah.

OK, first I must apologize for getting that song stuck in your head all day. (Though I could have been really mean and put the Olive Garden version of the birthday song in your head instead. So, you're welcome.)

Anyhow, yesterday's stormageddon reminded me why having a late January birthday pretty much sucks ass. Why, you ask?

  • SNOW STORMS. As a kid, I remember having birthday parties cancelled because of the weather. "But blogmooooooooooooooom... when am I going to get my presents?"

  • Which brings me to point two: PRESENTS. It's not that the presents themselves stink. It's that you pretty much get all of your presents for the year (Christmas and birthday) within the span of about a month, then spend the next 11 months waiting for another one. And, as you get older, you start to feel guilty about having a late-January birthday when your friends and family start complaining about how they're low on cash after the holidays but they know your birthday is coming up yadda yadda yadda. Newsflash: it's not my fault that I was born when I was. Talk to blogmom and blogdad about that one.

  • THE SUPERBOWL. In addition to the weather spoiling my birthday, the stupid Superbowl always interfered with my parties as a kid. As a little girl, I never "got" why the grown-ups couldn't come to my party because of the Superbowl because, after all, the Browns weren't playing. (Some things never change.) Now I "get" that Superbowl parties are just basically an excuse for adults to eat and drink to excess for no good reason. Which actually has the makings of an awesome birthday party now that I'm 33.

  • VALENTINE'S DAY. I've learned (from experience!) that if you're single at Christmas, you're probably still going to be single on your late-January birthday. Which means you're probably still not going to be dating someone by the time the little diapered cherub pops up a couple of weeks later.

That said, I am grateful that I'm heading out to dinner tonite with my sissies and a couple of friends (which I planned for myself -- HA!). And, on Saturday, blogparents are having my sissies, bros-in-law and me (alone) over for a homemade pasta/Electronic Catchphrase soiree.

Why are we doing the family get-together on a Saturday nite? Well, because the Superbowl is on this Sunday, silly. (And even worse... my one bro-in-law is a huge Steelers fan.)

Now if only we could get the bad weather to hit Tampa...
P.S. an early birthday present yesterday... a shout-out in Cool Cleveland about my pick-up lines post. Fun!


Melinda said...

First things first, Happy Birthday!

Secondly, my birthday is in May -- and I LOVE that I've always loved that it fell in the mid-point from Christmas. hehe

BTW, I'm an awesome Catchphrase team member, if you ever plan a game night. Unfortunately, I have no guys to set you up with...

And lastly, I was raised half-Steelers fan (mom's side), so, Go Steelers!

Anonymous said...

unfortunately it's the same story for mid-Jan birthdays. though capricorns do rule.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Mel - I will forgive the Steelers thing since you are good at Catchphrase.

Chuck - I'm an Aquarius. Not that I really know what that means. But whatevs.

d said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a great day!

Melanie S said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Dear daughter (AAB),
I feel your pain for the annoying time of year that your birthday falls - you think blogdad and I would have thought about this some 33+nine months ago! You were the best belated birthday present (19 days late, to be exact) that I received on that snowy day in January of 1976. Have a wonderful day - I love you.
p.s. I can't remember my password & I'm a little annoyed!

Medicated and Motivated said...


Anonymous said...

Having a bday 12 days AFTER Christmas is even worse, I fear. I remember childhood birthday parties with the table still adorned with the Christmas table cloth - because it was "festive." WTF?
Hope you had a great day, though!!