Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blackout bachelorette bash

Well, my blog friends, Molly's bachelorette bash was a success. The guest of honor had a great time, the food and drink was aplenty and, of course, there are crazy boy stories coming out the back end of the party.

Most notably, apparently I befriended The Chef (not to be confused with The Pocket-Sized Chef) at the restaurant we were at. I also *may* have told him that he should be my date for Molly's wedding (which was told to me this morning; I don't remember this conversation AT ALL).

What I do remember is going through my clutch this morning to find a handwritten piece of paper with all of The Chef's contact info on it, along with the business card of an attorney that I don't even remember meeting.

Note to self: find a new drink of choice. I always knew gin and tonics had the potential of making me mean, but now I know they also make me completely black out.

Anyhow, apparently after chatting with The Chef for some time, he gave me all of his contact info (perhaps b/c he thought we were going to the wedding together -- maybe we are?!?!?). And I logged onto Facebook today to find a friend request from him. I mean, I don't remember anything we talked about. Who knew I could still be charming when I am blackout drunk?

In other news, I did meet up with The Banker on Friday nite for a bit. Met him for a few drinks after he had a dinner party (which I later found out was for his cousin -- which meant his family was still at the restaurant when we met up).

We had fun and laughed a ton, though he did get pretty drunk by the end of the nite (then again, who am I to talk after my performance last nite?). I was slightly weirded out that he called me "babe" when he called to make sure I got home OK, but I'm going to chalk it up to the drinking.

Let's hope The Chef is as forgiving and realizes our talk about him being my wedding date should be chalked up to the Tanqueray. Regardless, rehearsal dinner is sure to bring some additional stories, since it's at the same restaurant we were at last nite.

The phrase of this weekend became "I didn't think this through" (courtesy of our friend, Michele). Man, truer words were never spoken.

P.S. Thanks for giving us an excuse to party, Molls. Hope you had a blast at your final fling before the ring!


Anonymous said...

Please take the chef to the wedding. Dad needs a new one of your friends to grind on...

Tube Top said...

You clearly didn't "Think things through" on Saturday night with the Chef...although, I am glad that whole situation took place so we had the funny story to talk about later! Keep it up...getting Blackout drunk that is!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Julie - are you suggesting dad would grind on the chef?

Tube Top - I definitely did not think things through. That's what you were supposed to be there for!

Chill said...

I am dying laughing right now! "Tube Top"?!?! Hysterical.

And I fully intend to grind w/ "Dad" at the wedding. I may be your only friend who hasn't.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad...I just realized I will not be able to grind on your Dad at the wedding. Wedding dress will not allow it! He'll have to do all the grinding on me! :)


Anonymous said...

While you were in "blackout" mode, I had to endure the role as your Floor R.A. making sure you and your buds didn't end up in the drunk tank. Hey, why don't you give props to the "extremely handsome guy" who gave you a place to sleep?! Well, watching you make the "walk of shame" the next morning will do for now. Your bill will be arriving shortly.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Carrie - leave the grinding to the bride.

Anonymous - he will figure out a way to grind w/ you.

Bro n law - major oversight on my part. I meant to write that I want to find a guy JUST LIKE YOU (only... you know... not married already.)