Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm just too cute!

OK, maybe I'm not too cute. (I mean, could there even BE such a thing?)
But I guess my blog is too cute. At least, according to Medicated and Motivated it is. Thanks, sweets!

These are the instructions: Pass this along to 10 bloggers who make you feel special. (Well, at least someone is making me feel special right now... 'cuz there certainly aren't any boys in my life right now!)

Anyhow, I'll list 10 bloggers who I really like (either as people or bloggers -- or both!). Check out their blogs and let them know they make you all warm and fuzzy inside too!

(And with the weather the way it is right now, you should take any chance you can to warm up!!)

Anyhow, here are 10 blogs I like to read:

  1. cleveland's a plum (Alexa, please note that I did not use any capital letters)

  2. I Heart Cleveland (don't ever say you can't find something to do in Cleveland after you read this blog)

  3. Postcards from Christina (for those who love to travel -- and EAT!)

  4. Simply Married (a little glimpse into the world of newlyweds... I should be there in, oh, about 17 years!)

  5. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Your Boyfriend (just like me... except she's got a BF now)

  6. Confessions of a Cohabitant (just like me... except she's got a BF AND she lives with him)

  7. That Blue Yak (just started reading this one, but I think he's so funny!)

  8. Secret Life of Tova Darling (I love how she's anonymous too!)

  9. La Dolce Vita (some funny stories here, peeps -- check out the holiday party post)

  10. Shallow and Very, Very Single (I LOL every time I read her posts... and I'm not JK-ing you, FYI)
Anyhow, happy weekend, everyone! At least if it's too cold to go outside you've got some new blogs to check out!

If your blog is listed above, feel free to post this on your site and pass it along to your fave blogs. (But I know you guys all have much more fun blogs than mine, so you're probably sick of getting these blog awards anyhow. And I'm too lazy to post a comment on all of your blogs letting you know I listed you here... so I hope you found out through analytics or something!)


d said...

LOVER MUFFIN! Thank you!!! I think you are fabulous.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

awwwww thanks lady!

also, i love that you used all lowercase letters. haha

You do know though that I has a professional do know how to use proper capitalization. (see what i did there?)

Simply Married said...

Thanks so much AAB! I'm a huge fan of you AND your site!

Christina K said...


Anonymous said...

i'm coming out of lurkdom to say how much i love your site :) keep up the good work!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

d - I think you're MORE fab.

alexa - i know you know what caps lock is, but i was trying to honor your blog with all lower case. ;)

Simply Married - thanks!

Christina - Muah!

Cubeworld - Aaaw, thanks! I'll try!

Smooches, everyone!