Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Please don't sabotage me, sissies

Dear sisters -

Thanks so much for posting pictures from our family vacation to Facebook. The trip was super fun (minus the day 1 fight and the day 7 car malfunction/trip to McSchivatz). It was fun to relive the week with those pics.

BUT, I won't thank you for posting that one heinous pic of me, then getting mad when I untagged myself. I think we can all agree that I looked horrifically creepy. (And it wasn't even a bathing suit shot!)

Need I remind you that I am single and looking for a man? Scary pics of me on FB are not going to help that cause.

So please stop being mad that I untagged myself (the horror!) and posting the pic everywhere else you can think of. Unless, of course, you would like me to be the old maid aunt to your yet-to-be conceived children.

Love -
Your sis, Always a Bridesmaid


Anonymous said...

hilar. too bad we can't post pictures on this damn thing...

Joey said...

Be proud of your sloppy looks while drunk. After all, Mr. Right has to accept you in good times and in bad, including what you look like while smoking 17 cigarettes and slurring your words.