Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekend preview

As I promised last week, I'm going to try my best to do a preview of every weekend on Fridays. In store for this weekend:

  • Tonite -- probably not much. I've been feeling sort of crappy for a couple of days now and think I probably just need to stay in and get better already. But, The Phoenix Brother is in town and has asked me about 15 times to meet up tonite. So, we'll see how I feel.

  • Tomorrow -- going to a pre-wedding wedding party party (is that confusing or WHAT?!?) for my friends Molly and Drew. Let me break it down: "pre-wedding" = before their big day in November; "wedding party" = all attendants of the bride and groom (and their significant others -- except for those of us who are single); "party" = shindig/wine party. In essence, the wedding party is pretty much just looking for an excuse to meet each other and get drunk together prior to the wedding. Translation: a dry run for the party bus.

  • Sunday -- not sure yet. Stay tuned.

And now that I've outed myself, I'm sure I'll hit up a Jazz class or two this weekend. Not that I'm likely to meet anyone there... but you never know who I might run into when I pick up a smoothie on my way home from class. ;)

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