Sunday, September 21, 2008

September to remember

It's been an interesting weekend since Friday nite. The Banker and The Cop have both been texting me a TON, and The Phoenix Brother keeps calling too (he's going to be in town next weekend and wants to hang out). The Banker has even picked up the phone to -- gasp!! -- call. What a novelty.
Hmmm... is there something in the air? I smell Fall nesting.

My friend Carrie is convinced that September is the month o' boys (well, not for her anymore -- she just got married). She theorizes that oldies climb out of the woodwork like crazy and newbies show up in throngs. She says they're all starting to think about the cold Fall/Winter months and want a little snuggle bunny to share them with. And she's got a Master's in psychology, so that must mean she knows what she's talking about. ;)
Guess we have another week or so to find out...

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Chill said...

I love the props on my master's degree. thanks....sis!