Sunday, September 28, 2008

Six degrees of separation (or less)

I have long said that my dating life is like six degrees of separation, meaning that the guys I date (or am supposed to get fixed up with) typically know and/or date(d) one of my friends.

I'm sure I'll cover this in future posts, since it happens all the time. I'm actually in a six degrees of separation wedding in a couple of months, which will be a first for me.

For this post, I'll stick with my friend Jenn. My group of girlfriends has been friends with Jenn's fiancee Brian for years. When we met her (after hearing LOTS about her), we instantly liked her and felt like she'd always been part of our group of friends. We even used to tell Brian that we would take friend custody of Jenn and dump him if they ever broke up.

Anywho... Jenn and I were emailing the other day and discovered the she went on a couple of dates with The Groundhog a few years ago. Her take on him is the same as mine: very cute guy who is fun to talk to on the phone, but has a stalkerish screw loose in the dating department. I'm actually being nice when I put it that way. I think Jenn's exact words were, "Stay away!"

Fast forward... I was on the phone with The Banker this weekend, and he reminded me where he grew up (which is where Jenn grew up), so I asked if he knew her and/or her family. He got VERY excited because he, indeed, knows the family. And dated Jenn in high school.

I couldn't help but be amused and sent Jenn an email that just said, "The Banker is [name]! Why do I get all of your sloppy seconds?!?" I was glad to hear that she thinks he is a very nice guy -- and voted for him in this week's poll question before she even knew who he was. Jenn and I are getting together for happy hour this week, so I'm sure I'll get more deets then.

Six degrees side note: Jenn and I are having drinks with Sarah, the girl who fixed me up with The Coach. Years ago, Sarah tried to fix me up with Brian (Jenn's now-fiancee), but I was already friends with him (which Sarah didn't know). She later fixed up Brian and Jenn, and the rest is history!


Joey said...

What's going on. I need me some new posts.

Anonymous said...

I'll sign up on this eventually but it's Jenn...I am trying to decide if I'm more excited about you chicks threatening Brian that you'd take custody of me over him or getting a shout out on your blog....GOOD TIMES. GOOOO Banker! Beat it back to your hole Groundhog.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

OMG, Jenn. True to form, the Groundhog has called and texted like a stalker for the past several days. I believe the tally is currently one text, two voicemails and three missed calls.

Chill said...

I literally just laughed at "beat it back to your hole Groundhog" Hysterical! I totally AGREE!