Monday, September 29, 2008

The Virtual Wing(wo)man

The fun part about telling everyone and their mother about the finders' fee is getting random messages from people trying to score the grand prize.

Case in point: this weekend, I got two messages from friends I don't typically hear from on a regular basis. Or, as I like to call them, my virtual wing(wo)men.

Virtual Wingwoman: My friend Abby, who I just recently met but who sort of feels like an old friend. We just immediately got along, and I kinda thought she was like a tinier version of me (which is saying something, considering I'm only 5'2"). We've only hung out a couple of times, but I think our immediate "connection" (no, I'm not interested in her in *that* way) means that she already probably "gets" me (and my type of guy) pretty well. Anyhow, got a text from Abby on Friday nite saying that she had a new prospect in mind for me. Unfortunately, I was couch-bound with my cold and couldn't meet her out. So, I emailed her today for details on the potential future Mr. Always a Bridesmaid. Stay tuned.

Virtual Wingman: My friend Mark who's on a nonprofit Board with me. He knows me pretty well, so I was interested to see who he had in mind. Problem is, I'm not sure he had anyone specific in mind. Just got a text from him saying, "Do you like Italian guys?" I'm assuming he was at a wedding that was filled with lots of my comrades (Italians, that is). But his wife is uber-Italian, so he might have just been scrolling through her cell phone too. Mark, I need a little more info than that.

Needless to say, I'm quite intrigued by what either of these guys have in mind. If nothing else, it should make for some interesting blog fodder.

Please note: this is not the first time either Abby or Mark have tried to fix me up. So what are you doing just sitting there reading this blog? Let's get in on the finders' fee action, people.


Anonymous said...

Jenn again...seriously, I may never sign up beyond "anonymous"...I have too much crap to do with that facebook you've got me on. The PRESSURE...
Anyway, I am trying to find a way to introduce you to Rocco Dispirito..yes, the chef that is twinkle toesing it on Dancing With the Stars. He's adorable and I want you to date him immediately. If we can figure that one out, I'll waive the finders fee!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Ooohhhh... I like the idea of Rocco. He's been looking good lately (I've also seen him on The Biggest Loser -- he must be on the reality show circuit).

Jenn, if you can make it happen, girl... the finders' fee may be upped!

Anonymous said...

I would like to discuss this finder's fee...I don't have enough time in my day to catch up on past posts and I spend to much time looking at porn to do it on my own time, so work is where they'll find me reading "27 dresses", hello trademark, if I understand this correctly, you are willing to pay someone to help you find Mr. Right, and based on occupation, or social status, the price for this fee rises. (Am I on track??)

Do you have a manual somewhere so we know what we can expect, and I assume this is real cash, not strip club funny money? Speaking of strip clubs, there are a lot of guys running around that scene, and some are single, or at least none are wearing a wedding ring cause they all think someone's going home with them...anyway, your personality is the key here, and from what I'm reading, you've got a great one, but regardless of personality, which is the death march of a blind date proposal, I don't know how I would intro you to someone...

"Hey, John, you need to meet this girl who has this blog, I've never met her and I have no idea what she looks like, and quite frankly, I'm not even sure she's a girl, but you should meet her...SHE'S GOT A GREAT PERSONALITY AND she's looking for a husband and I get paid if....John, come back here, I'm not kidding, John!!!"

That scenario ends badly, and now John's not my friend...thanks.