Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boarding pass = love at last?

I have discovered a VERY interesting phenomenon in my life. Every time I go out of town (or meet someone who is in Cleveland visiting from out of town), he shows interest in me. But try to find me a BF somewhere within the confines of Northeast Ohio and you're S.O.L.

It happened again recently with my friend's brother (more on that below). And in addition to him, there has been:
  1. The Charlotte Analyst. I met this guy while on a business trip in Charlotte. I talked to him at a bar for a couple of hours (most of which I don't even remember due to the plethora of martinis we had that nite), and he even hailed us a cab and paid for it before we headed home. He proceeded to call, text and Facebook message me for the next couple of months, and I still randomly hear from him every now and then.

  2. The San Diego Marine. I actually met this guy while we were both in Vegas for trips with friends, and we ended up seeing each other every day we were there. When I went to visit my friend Mandi in San Diego a few months later, we got together again. We stayed in touch over the next several months (via phone calls -- the novelty!) and throughout his deployment to Iraq. He is the definition of HOT (I mean, *H*O*T*) but had a very goofy sense of humor too. The drawback? Geographically undesirable.

  3. The Phoenix Brother. No, not a "man of the cloth" kind of brother. My friend Carrie's "brother" brother. Very cute and completely not my type (fauxhawk, sleeve of tattoos, earrings, etc.). We weren't paired up as a couple for her recent wedding, but that didn't stop us from acting like it. He still calls and texts and wants to get together next time he's in town (in a couple of weeks).

  4. The Chicago Real Estate Guy. Girls' weekend in Chicago + guy in a navy velvet blazer + lots of gin and tonics = very fun nite at the bar. He actually called while I was still in the air on the way home from the trip (another guy who calls!) and kept checking out my LinkedIn profile for several weeks after that. Which was really just sort of creepy.

  5. The Cincinnati Cutie. Met him at Pickwick & Frolic when my friend -- *correction* -- my hammered friend Molly saw him, thought he was cute, and "dropped" her shoe to get us talking. Problem was, she was so drunk that she hurled her shoe at him like she was throwing someone out at first base. Regardless, her shoe-truduction worked, and we hung out the whole nite. We talked a few times after that, but I didn't see much purpose in pursuing anything with someone who lived so far away (and who was a Bengals fan).

  6. The New York Politico. Met him at the same place I met The Cincinnati Cutie. He was in town stomping for Hillary Clinton with a bunch of other young civic-minded folks from NYC. Hung out all nite like we were long-lost girlfriends. Yes, I said girlfriends. In fact, I honestly didn't realize he was straight until he asked for my number and asked if he could come home with me. (I obvi said no.) We still keep in touch, and he has since changed aliases from The New York Politico to The D.C. Grad Student.

And I know there were others that I just can't remember. Can you?


Anonymous said...
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Always a Bridesmaid said...

Oh, I intend to include him in future posts. Let's see if you can figure out what his alias is when I do! :)

Chill said...

A. I wonder who "anonymous" is. B. what about the "pilot(s)". I beleive there were 2; one you met at a bar, but the other was the one who would send you pics of himself?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Um, hello? The Seattle Saggy????

Anonymous said...

Remember the night we went out and you were drawing pictures of a girl who had on bad shoes? One of the guys that was with her liked you and he was from out of town too. :)

Anonymous said...

I feel like a stranger in your life and I am your sister. I knew about 0.2 seconds of these guys. BTW-I noticed in most situations that it was the guy seeking you out via phone, text, FB. I see nothing wrong in this day and age with the female pursuing the man, even though Dad once told me that I should never call a guy first. I am too impatient, which I guess can sometimes work in one's favor?

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Carrie - I think we all know who anonymous is. Especially since she spelled "anonymous" wrong. :)

Christina - true dat. Totes forgot. How could I?

Sarah - I am always drawing pictures when we're out together, aren't I? I don't think that guy ever asked for my number tho.

Julesercise - I will be sure to include you in all horrendous dating episodes in my life from here on out.