Thursday, September 25, 2008

My dirty little secret

I have a secret that I try to keep from new boys in my life for as long as possible. I... take... Jazzercise. (SHHHH!!!!)

Now before you get all judgey on me, take a class. I thought it was queer when my sister first suggested it too. But then I took a class that kicked my ass (I swore I tasted blood in my mouth), and I was a believer. It's more of an aerobics/kick boxing/pilates/strength training workout. And we even work out to Justin Timberlake!

BUT... let's be honest, Jazzercise needs some rebranding. Everyone still thinks of the 80's workout with leotards, braided headbands and women yelling WOOO!!! when they hear the word "Jazzercise." So I'm not about to tell a potential boy toy that I take Jazzercise. What do I say instead? "Cardio class."

I mention this because The Banker was talking about running when we were on the phone last nite, then proceeded to ask where I work out. I couldn't even tell him the location because I don't take the class at a community center or somewhere that could sort of pass the queerness test. No, not me. I take class at -- you guessed it -- an honest-to-goodness Jazzercise center.

So, dear readers, let's keep this our little secret for now. And please help me come up with some good responses for the next time a cute boy asks me where I work out!

P.S. Talking about Jazzercise reminds me of my favorite joke. Now that my arms are somewhat toned from class, I like to ask a crowd if anyone in the room is a veterinarian. When everyone answers no, I flex my arm and say, "Cuz my pythons are SICK." LOL. I love that joke.


Anonymous said...

So where did you tell him you work out????? Please advise....I need this info before I send another post.

Love, Anonymous

Always a Bridesmaid said...

I deflected the question. I believe I said I take a cardio class with my sister, then left it at that.

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

like where is jazzercise in cleveland!?!? you must tell me.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Alexa - There are lots of places you can take Jazzercise (aka cardio class). Check out for class locations. My sis and I go to the center in Westlake, as do a few of our friends now. It's fun!

Allison M. said...

OK cardio class queen. Why not try Urban Active? In the one at Legacy, there is a kick ass instructor who I can only hope to look like one day - minus the tramp stamp and deep tan. She does a kickbox and urban iron class.

Anonymous said...

First off...this blog is such a small world: allison m. I went on vacation with the Urban Active insturctor you are talking about. I was on the same beach with her while in a bath suit! She has a body any girl would be jealous of! And she's super sweet to top it all off!

Second - always a bridesmaid - glad to hear you just deflected the question.

Third - Jazzercise isn't a word you need to fear! Brag about it. It's your work out girl!

Anonymous said...

Do you get your car washed after Jazzercise?