Monday, September 22, 2008

Texting your way to love

A guy from work forwarded me this video called "Texting your way to love," which is hysterically funny (and sort of a sad commentary on dating these days too). It's well worth the six minutes. Thanks for forwarding it, Alex!

It also reminded me of a word I came across in the Urban Dictionary book that Santa put in my stocking last year (yes, I'm 32 and my mother still insists on giving us stockings).
The word?
Textpectation: The anticipation one feels when waiting for a response to a text message.
I just texted her for a date – but now the textpectation is killing me.

Gotta love technology.


Anonymous said...

Ugh...I hate this whole strange text messaging!! You should not be allowed to text message with any new boys unless you at least speak with them one time that day VERBALLY!!!!

Love, Anonymous!

blogmom said...

daughter dear,
FYI-Santa fills your stocking, and if you don't behave, he may just leave you coal this year!

I have to agree with "anonymous" regarding texting. Even if you are only rec'g texts from these young men, you can possibly turn things around by giving them a jingle (since Santa was just mentioned) via phone occasionally. If they can catch on to your need for some actual conversation, then maybe they have the makings to be a potential catch.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy that blogmom agreed with "anonymous!" :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, anonymous! I hate texting too! It's VERY impersonal -- and you cannot get to know someone that way (i.e. if they're being sarcastic or just being major dicks). TEXTING BLOWS.

Anonymous said...


Did your mom just suggest that you can turn things around with young men by giving them a jiggle???

blogmom said...

tsk, tsk, Christina,
the word was "jingle" - remember, Santa is watching. . .