Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Praying for my love life... literally

My parents have arrived home safe and sound after their Mediterranean adventure (so jeal!), and I just caught up with them to get a debrief about some of their favorite parts of the trip. They visited our extended family in Milan for a few days, then headed to other parts of Italy, Greece and Croatia on a cruise.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that my dad was very excited to tell me about a church they visited in Italy devoted to St. Nicholas. While you may know St. Nicholas as our modern-day Santa Claus, he's also apparently the patron saint of single women. Who knew?

Dad informed me that there was a box in the church where single women could place the name of someone they hoped to land as their future husband. Of course, dear old dad wrote down something about me and put it in the box.

I'm imagining it went something like this:

Dear Saint Nicholas --

Please bring my daughter a Christmas present in the form of a tall, dark and handsome man. Who has a good job. And can finally take her off my hands.

Always a Bridesmaid's Dad

After I talked to my dad, I briefly chatted with my mom (poor thing -- she sounded exhausted!!) and she told me that they brought a little souvenir home for me. Wonder what his name is.


St. Nicholas works FAST! I literally hit "publish post" on this entry and got a text five minutes later from The Banker that just said "I miss talking about shows with ya." WTF? He was the one who stopped calling me (albeit after I not-so-nicely told him that he should give a girl a little notice if he had to cancel plans). Weird timing? Or saints at work? Hmmm... only time will tell.


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

next time your dad's there, have him throw one of those in for me too ok?

Anonymous said...

Tell the Banker you're off to a posh resort in Bonita Springs this weekend! If he's lucky you'll "talk shows" once you get back! :)

Allison M. said...

God is watching you.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Alexa - will do. In the meantime, perhaps we could create some sort of "prayer stocking" that we drop notes into.

Anonymous - agree. Between the random contact from The Banker and The Mouse in the past two days, should be an interesting trip!

Allison - thanks for the guilt trip.

d said...

Oooh Italy and Croatia, the land of my people. And I am going to start praying. To whom, I'm not exactly sure yet.

Anonymous said...

RANDOM! I just had a conversation (one sided, of course) with our friend St. Raf. today. Now I will have to add St. Nick to the choir of saints attempting to reverse my singlehood...

Anonymous said...

The Banker blows.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

d - I would suggest St. Nicholas or St. Raphael. I've heard they both do wonders for single gals. If that doesn't work, try St. Louis (Vuitton, that is).

Stacy - I KNOW!! I meant to email you sooner about this new saint find. Please tell Donna.

Jaza - for someone who supposedly wants me to meet someone, you certainly do poo-poo the boys pretty often. :)