Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fun in the... rain?

I'm heading to Florida this afternoon for a short trip with my friend Molly. YEAH!

It's supposed to rain while we're there. BOO!

(Also BOO: I have to wear a bathing suit next to Molly, who is basically like a Jennifer Aniston body double... maybe minus the top half of the bikini, if you know what I mean. :))

I'm guessing there will be some good nasty old men stories to write about when I get home. Molly and I always seem to meet randoms when we're together, so I'm imagining this trip won't be any different. And it's not like there are likely to be a lot of young, hot, single guys milling around Bonita Springs.

Coming on the heels of me being hit on by a grampa at a "special persons" day for my friend's daughter's preschool, I may be on to something. I've never really explored the octogenarian age set. This may open up a whole new world of dating to me!

Will write again soon!


Anonymous said...

I would kill for Jennifer Aniston's cans!!! Or are you talking about her face?? Cause I'd kill for her face/hair/arms....any part above/below belt - I'll take it!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Anonymous - yes, her "cans." Unless her face is inside the top half of her bikini, in which case I can understand why John Mayer went back to her.

Chill said...

HA! Anonymous has always been slightly obsessed with J.A. But let's be honest.....I would love to live a day in her shoes.....and her body for that matter.

Joey said...

The only reason I am commenting is because the "word verification" box below the comment box is asking me to type in "lesmo" and I cannot stop laughing.

blogmom said...

I laughed about the octogenarian reference - you ARE your grandmother's granddaughter!