Wednesday, October 1, 2008

He popped up again! (You knew he would.)

I hadn't heard from The Groundhog for a couple of weeks, so I thought maybe he had disappeared into his hole again. Little did I know he was just out of town. And little did he know that while he was gone, I decided once and for all that he's just bad news.

Apparently, he can't take a hint. Case in point, he tried calling:

  • 9/29 - 9:47 pm

  • 9/28 - 2:04 pm

  • 9/26 - 1:41 pm

  • 9/25 - 8:09 pm

  • 9/24 - 9:35 pm

It's worth noting that I did not answer or return EVEN ONE of these calls or voicemails. There were a few texts sent during this time too, but I deleted them so I can't share them with my Internet friends (but I ignored those too).

But the topper was tonite's text: So what did I do to make you not want to talk anymore?

Well, for starters, you've cell-stalked me for the past week and couldn't even let a few days pass without calling again. For another, I'm onto you and your crazy dating/stalking habits. (You've now pulled "the pop up/fade out" maneuver on Molly, Jenn AND me, plus whatever other unwitting girls you've been talking to.)

Sorry, The Groundhog. Looks like you'll be seeing just your little lonely shadow this Fall.


Anonymous said...

HA!! :) Be gone Groundhound. BE GONE!!!


PS - I know someone's bachelorette partying is coming up..and I know it's in a private room...but please note...every time this chick "aka anonymous" goes to the bathroom...I will be surfing the bar for men to bring back with me! I could really use $1,000!!!

Chill said...

oh anonymous! i can't figure out who you are...but let this be known....i intend to do the same thing at the "anonymous" bachlorette party.

Always a bridesmaid...very clever to say the "groundhog" will be seeing his lonely shadow this fall. that made me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, "to lazy to sign up Jenn", gone groundhog. Drinks to celebrate?!