Thursday, October 16, 2008

WANTED: Cleveland version of this man

He's smart. He's funny. He's family-oriented. He has a job that he likes. He wears a watch. He's got nice hands. He's a cute dresser. He's pretty metrosexual. He's adorably cute.

But he's also married. Boo.

But I'll still always love him anyhow.

(Note to my readers: if you can get Mr. Lauer to leave that wife of his and move to Cleveland (he can bring the kids with him), the finders' fee will go up significantly. Just sayin'.)


Tube Top said...

OMG!!! I totally love Matt Lauer too! I have to see him every single morning or my day just seems off! I wonder if he likes Tube Tops!?
I think using him as example for what your looking for is perfect!

Anonymous said...

I would totally do Matt Lauer!

Love, Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't want Matt Lauer...he is perfection. :) Good luck finding the Cleveland version...what about Mark Nolan?

Anonymous said...

Totes agree with the Mark Nolan comment...then I can be in the wedding party with Abby and I can give her the other half of my best friends necklace.