Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Father knows best... maybe?

Oh, sweet Jesus and Mary. My dad called tonite to find out how he could get in on "the lottery" to fix me up (he meant the finders' fee, of course).

First of all, it is always weird to get a call from my dad, since my mom is usually the one who communicates info to my sisters and me. So when I see a missed call from him, it always immediately makes me cringe b/c my dad is usually the one charged with delivering bad news (e.g., if a relative passes away, if our mom has been rushed to the hospital for some crazy ailment, etc.).

So, I guess I was somewhat relieved to find out that dear ol' dad was just calling to pimp me out. I mean, find me a man.

Apparently he is scoping all over town for potential BFs for me. He called today with two guys in mind -- one, a doctor who he met thru his job; the other, the nephew of some guy he works with.

In true six degrees form, I'm pretty sure I know the nephew (who is an attorney, which my dad was very impressed by) from a guy my friends and I used to hang out with years ago. Blogdad and Blogmom have already checked him out online (all law firms list their attorneys online, which is pretty awesome for pre-date online stalking). And Blogdad was very impressed by the doc too (I'm sure blogmom is pissed she couldn't find him online too).

Side note: why do I find it so funny that my parents are Googling guys for me? I would pay to be a fly on the wall to hear the conversations that happen when they are sitting in front of the computer.

What concerns me is that I'm not 100% sure the guy that my dad would pick for me is the guy I would necessarily pick for myself. I think maybe dad is more focused on what the guy does for a living (of course! he wants someone to take to care of his little girl) than some of the prereqs I have (like whether the guy can make me laugh).

Anyhow, my favorite line of our conversation was when dad said, "And don't worry about the money for the finders' fee. Just put it toward your wedding."

Nothing like jumping ahead, oh, about 17 steps. How about we get a date on the calendar first?


Mark said...

how much is the reward if he's an NBA player?

I know where Sasha Pavlovic shops.

blogmom said...

. . .and, googling your daughter's possible prospective dates - priceless! Life is so much fun in the 2000s!
Also, is it just a coincidence that the lawyer works at the lawfirm where I spent 8 years of my life? You be the judge!!!!!!

Tube Top said...

Father does know best AND is a killer dancer! If he picks out men for his daughter like he grinds on the dance floor, you should have NO WORRIES!!!

Anonymous said...

Ouch. No new post? That hurts.