Thursday, October 16, 2008

The jury's still out

Had a date with The Lawyer last nite. Overall, I had fun and would go out with him again. We went to a couple of places in Ohio City (was just supposed to be for a drink... ended up staying til about 11) and just basically hung out, chatted and had a few drinks.

(I was 10 minutes late. But I did call to tell him. And I probably talked too much. But that's what I do when I first meet someone. In actuality, though, he didn't have too hard of a time keeping up the conversation either.)

So I had a good time. But it was also one of those dates that I didn't necessarily leave thinking, "OMG, I can't WAIT to see that guy again." Then again, that could be a result of my many failed first dates and just being cautious now.

Let's break down the thought process.

  • He is close with his family. He's even hosting Thanksgiving this year. (I offered to give him my recipe for artichoke dip... it's a huge family pleaser each holiday.) This is a huge plus for me.

  • He has a good job. And he actually likes it.

  • He wears a watch. This is not a superficial type of thing. It's a responsibility thing. I have found that guys who wear watches are responsible in other parts of their lives too. So that's why I always check.

  • He's a gentleman. He paid for everything, walked me to my car, etc. You would think that's sort of a "duh" thing to expect, but not in this day and age.

  • He likes queer music. Including Justin Timberlake. My friends and family will tell you that I am renown for liking teeny bopper crap, so I actually quite enjoyed this fact. (Though I was a little taken aback when he said his favorite artist is Prince.)


  • I caught him staring at my (lack of) chest TWICE while in conversation. And this wasn't just a quick glimpse. It was a full-on not-making-eye-contact-with-me-for-at-least-five-seconds sort of stare. Seriously. Time five seconds. That is a really LONG time to not make eye contact with someone who is sitting directly next to you.

  • Something about his hands was unnerving. And hands are important to me for whatever reason.

  • He was not wearing an undershirt under his dress shirt. I can get over this, but it is something that my dad always said was important for a guy to do. Truth be told, I am so old school that I actually still wear slips sometimes (I swear, I am the only 32-year-old I know who does). But that's only when I'm not wearing Spanx. :)

  • He owns leather pants (but apparently only wears them for Halloween now). But he actually used to wear them for real back about 8 or 10 years ago when he lived in New York working as a stockbroker. How very Seigfried & Roy of him.

Stay tuned. He asked for a second date when I was getting in my car (after he gave me a peck on the lips), then sent an email this morning referring to a joke we had made last nite. Hmmmm...


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Jenn! First, let me tell you how much I've missed the blog...been out of it for a few days and it's so good to be back! Second, and most important, my favorite artist is Prince...nuf said, marry this man!

Anonymous said...

Lol at yer blog! -pj

Anonymous said...

I think it's too early to be picking apart things about this dude. As long as you didn't leave the date thinking the guy is a total dud... then there's a lot to be excited for. I know tons of people who were iffy about the guys they are currently with after the first date -- and some of them are married now! As you mentioned, I think you're being too cautious. Loosen up (that's what she said) and have fun with this dude!

Joey said...

I only know two men who own leather pants. One's name is Andy. The other is some murse down in West Virginia. Enough said.

Allison M. said...

undershirts are a must.

What about the shoes? did you check out the shoes?

Anonymous said...

Hold up! How many years ago was it that your "thing" was to tie a little scarf around you neck that matched your outfit! Ummm........would you DREAM of wearing those little tie scarf's now? NO! Would we all make fun of you if you did? YES! Would they make a great part of a Delta stewardess costume for Halloween? YES. I bet you Justin Timberlake in his boy band days wore some leather pants!

Sidenote: my LOVE of JT just dropped about 20 points when I saw him supporting Obama! UGH! WHY JT! WHY!.

Sidenote II: Can I use your blog to support McCain! :)

Love, Anonymous!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Jenn - you have very eclectic music taste. Prince and Ice Cube. Hmm.

PJ - I am funny, no?

Anonymous 1 - how many times could you use the word "dude" in your comment?

Julesercise - the murse did not own leather pants. Though he probably wanted to.

Allison - I KNOW!! I tried my best to see them, but it was dark. All I could tell is that they were slip ons.

Anonymous 2 - I DID love those scarves, no?

Chill said...

1. after my first date w/ aaron, i did not leave feeling like "i can't wait to see him again" & i didn't even start liking him until date 3!
2. it sounds like you are looking for faults in this "dude". Stop it!!
3. Paul Zografakis's favorite artist is Prince.....sorry, i just had to say that one for laughs.
4. i'd be honored if someone stared at my rack...let's be honest!

Tube Top said...

Ok, I must agree with "anonymous" in regards to some of things you used to wear! How many sweater cardigans did you have to match those scarves!?? Also, the other person who wore leather pants was Ross from Friends!You should ask the lawyer if he had any incidents like Ross did in those leather pants! Also, I think it is ok to be a little iffy at first! Look at Molly and Me! You never know what could happen!

Joey said...

Cordoroy shorts, penny loafers, and Bill Cosby sweaters???? Just a reminder of your previous fashion faux pas...

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

my mom STILL brings up the fact that a woman needs to wear a slip. oh mom.

thank god for spanx

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I get the fascination with a man wearing a watch. So men who dont wear watches are irresponsible? Do you go on these dates and check the wrist immediately? What if he isnt wearing one?

Anonymous said...

speaking of things you used to wear... what about...
A) purple mascara
B) purple eyeliner
C) LONG, khaki skirts
D) long, khaki skirts... that were cords!
E) cord shorts... with tights!
The list goes on my friend. I welcome the leather pants.

PS -- let's not forget Ross on Friends wore leather pants... and he wasn't a bad dude at all...

Anonymous said...

I have to comment here -- all of the things you pointed out are so changeable. You can mold a man into wearing a watch, etc., but the other pros are really positive and not necessarily teachable. My husband used to wear jean shorts (my deep, dark secret) - but now, with me approving (um, controlling) his wardrobe - no chance.

Of course, if he was wearing Bucs, I would end it immediately.

I vote second date!