Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dancing with the Stars: Florida Edition (aka Dancing in the Bars)

Just landed a couple of hours ago from my long weekend trip to Florida with my friend Molly. We had a great time (in spite of the crappy weather for most of the trip), ate a ton of good meals (steak, sushi and seafood dinners) and spent a lot of unanticipated cash (read: we were determined to come back with at least a LITTLE color, so when the weather didn't cooperate we found a tanning salon that did).

And, so as to not disappoint you, we did get one good boy incident out of the weekend.

(I'm not kidding when I say that Molly was on the hunt for a guy just so we could get a blog story out of it.)

We met up with Molly's future bro-in-law's wife's sister (is that confusing enough for you?), who is a super cute 26-year-old girl who lives in Naples. Naturally, we figured Paige would be able to show us a good time, and she did not disappoint.

She met us for a drink on Friday nite, learned about this blog and the finders' fee, then had a bunch of her friends meet up with us later in the nite. That's when I met The Florida Dancing Guy.

He and I actually didn't talk much at the first bar we were at (truth be told, I was convinced he was talking to a transvestite for most of the nite), but something bizarre happened at the second bar.

While "Barefoot Gino" played his one-man band at the back of the second bar (I can't make this stuff up), The Florida Dancing Guy grabbed me, said he loved to dance, told me how sexy I was and pulled me toward the dance floor.

He then proceeded to whip me around Dancing with the Stars style (side note: I am secretly obsessed with that show), accidentally elbow me in the mouth during one of his spin maneuvers, then end our routine with a full-on dip. The only thing missing were the sequins and judging cards.

We ended up hanging out the rest of the nite, he fed me every line in the book and tried his best to make a sleepover happen.

Much to his chagrin, the only person I shared a bed with during the trip was Molls. (Mostly because we only wanted to have one set of sheets to wash when we left, and we are both pretty much the most still/lifeless sleepers you have ever met so it wasn't a big deal to share a king-size bed.)

So while The Florida Dancing Guy probably didn't get what he wanted, Paige got a mention on the blog, I got a good workout on the dance floor and a whole host of folks in Naples now know about the finders' fee.


Joey said...

During your stay away, who did you miss the most? Perhaps you should set your efforts on him...

Anonymous said...

Wow we really are the most still/lifeless sleepers! :)

Glad you were able to do a little Florida making-in' out!


Always a Bridesmaid said...

Julesercise - I know you're hoping I say that I missed jazzercise the most when I was gone. But, truth be told, I was thinking about The Mouse more than anyone else during this trip. Which I'm sure you don't want to hear.

Anonymous - we literally sleep like dead fish. Until Drew calls or my alarm accidentally goes off.

Elizabeth Morgan said...

It's so nice you had fun.