Thursday, October 2, 2008

Showers, bachelorette parties and bedazzlers -- oh my!

I've got a big bridesmaid duty weekend ahead of me. On Saturday, we're doubling our friend Molly's pleasure, with both her bridal shower and bachelorette party. It might sound crazy to cram so much into one day, but it's great for our out-of-town friends (a couple of whom are bridesmaids too) and it actually ends up being a really fun day totally devoted to the bride-to-be (we recently did the same thing for our friend Carrie too).

My duties for the shower are under control. I was in charge of the invitations, which I was mildly obsessed with. (Side note: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this site for super cute custom-printed invitations: And I'll handle the paper plate bow bouquet assignment at the shower (which I actually like to do anyhow). That means I'll also be sitting close enough to the guest of honor to tell her if she's taking too long to open presents. (Honesty disclaimer: it drives me nuts when brides open every single box to show what each plate, cup, towel, potholder, etc. look like.)

My duties for the bachelorette party? Hire the stripper, blow up the giant inflatable penises and bedazzle a Life Savers t-shirt that says, "Suck for a Buck." LOL. Just kidding. Unfortunately for you, the bride reads this blog religiously, so you'll have to wait until Monday for an update about what really went down (that's what she said).

OK, I'm off to wrap presents now for this weekend. (Prob won't have time tomorrow since I've got a mani right after work, then I'm supposed to meet The Banker at some point.)

P.S. This post serves as this week's "weekend preview," since I doubt I will be functional AT ALL on Sunday following Saturday's festivities. Which will be a very good thing.

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Anonymous said...

I read this now more religiously then! :)

Anonymous! Maybe..........

I'm so excited for this weekend! FUN FUN FUN!