Monday, October 13, 2008

Awwww... I feel the love!

I got a lot of unsolicited... I mean... helpful feedback last week about what you'd like to see to make this blog even more fun for you to follow. In fact, I thought all of the suggestions were SOOOOO good that I put them up on the voting block for this week's poll question.

Of course, I needed one last survey answer option after adding the three blog improvement ideas that I got last week. So I threw in the random question about me finding a boyfriend.
Imagine my surprise when I checked the poll results to date (there are still five days left to vote, so I'm not keeping my hopes up) and saw that the current leading answer to "What would you most like to see?" is "Me get a boyfriend"!?!? I honestly thought I would be the only one to vote for that answer!

Awww. I'm feelin' the love, peeps. And I totes agree with your smart, savvy answer choice. ;)

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