Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday a-go-go (or a-Lago)

SURPRISE! I couldn't write about this yesterday b/c I wasn't sure if my friend Christina knew what we were doing for her bday (she didn't). Her hubby Phil planned a dinner get-together at Lago in Tremont for her 30th bday, complete with a cake that was a replica of the purse he bought her to commemorate the occasion.

We had lots of laughs all nite (and MANY "that's what she saids"). And while I did not meet the future Mr. Always a Bridesmaid, I did get a lead on a couple of potentials from a friend's GF and told her that I would consider upping the finders' fee to make things move a bit faster. Looking forward to seeing what comes of that discussion.

The only real guy stories to speak of for last nite included our waiter, Walter, who gave my friend Vikki a piece of paper with all of his contact information on it (including his height, weight and eye/hair color -- though I'm not sure why, since he was basically Howard Stern's twin and I don't think we'd forget that). We're still not sure why he gave Vik his digits and email (and physical description), other than he heard her say her hubs was out of town and maybe was hoping for a little "while the cat's away" action.

Also had a run-in with The Chef from the nite of my friend Molly's bachelorette party. Thankfully, I was MUCH more coherent this time, so I know nothing inappropriate was said (i.e., "you should come to the wedding with me!") or done (i.e., sticking a penis straw in his face every two seconds).

Other than that, we just had fun helping Christina celebrate her big bday. (Or should I say bmonth? I swear, I have never seen someone so excited to be turning 30!)

We knew the nite went well when we heard the Edith Bunker voice come out on Christina (it's her "drunk voice"). Thankfully for her, Phil is no Archie.


Anonymous said...

lol @ walter. I think I was standing next to Vikki when that happened. The look of "wtf?" was pretty hilarious

Anonymous said...

LOVE that I made the blog! As an update, Walter's info is hanging on a cork board in my kitchen. I glance at it lovingly as I make dinner.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Walter ...

Hope you're having all the luck in the world finding that groom. Just to answer your question, "I have no idea why?" Walter gave all of his info ... well, I was asked for my email address to have pictures sent to me. Pictures of me. I knew Vicki was married, which is why I gave her the information. And, I included all the personals to be funny. Thankfully, everyone got a laugh out of it. Had I known I would become a blog celebrity, I would have spiced it up much more and worn my best watch. I'm sure this comment will get axed, but if it doesn't ... that's the rest of the story. And, if Vicki's still got my info on that corkboard ... she can send me those pictures anytime!