Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh, baby!

I know I've documented my love for the blog Cake Wrecks before. It is truly effing fabulously hilarious. (And I don't even like cake!)

As you know, most of the cakes I get to see these days are at wedding showers, bachelorette parties (made into... ahem... interesting shapes) and weddings.

(Sidenote: more cake is heading my way this weekend, when we celebrate my friend Michele's shower and bachelorette party. Stories to follow, I'm sure. Especially if I have a few blackout & tonics.)

But back to the point... the last couple days of Cake Wrecks posts have been particularly fun for me. Because they've been about baby shower cakes. (Check them out here and here.)

Why, you ask?

Because Always a Bridesmaid is going to be Auntie AAB soon! Yep, my middle sissy is pregs with my future blogniece or blognephew.

(I'm secretly hoping for a girl because the clothes are cuter, but I will take anything as long as it's healthy. And it agrees to call me its favorite aunt.)

I suppose it's only fitting. I've pretty much perfected the art of hosting a wedding shower, so I think this is God's way of letting me know that it's time for my next challenge: baby showers. One thing I can tell you is that, in no way, will any baby shower I ever throw involve games of any sort. (Well, unless they're drinking games.)

I'm also curious to see what sorts of snarky remarks this news elicits from peeps. When my sissies got engaged and subsequently married, there was no shortage of comments about me being single/the last one to get married.

Guess I need to start working on some clever one-liners now to use when someone says something like that to me. Like, "Isn't it exciting? Are you guys due around the same time? Oh, you're not pregs? My bad!" (Though I suppose that won't work on men.)

Anyhow... congrats again, sissy! (And heaven help your poor hubs for the next six or so months!) Love you! :)


Anonymous said...

Baby showers are fun to host! I did it for one of my best friends for her first (she just had her 2nd... when did everyone else grow up and leave me still partying like its 1999????)

We did a "baby book" theme - since her family hosted her a real shower in her hometown, we did one in medical school for her and had everyone bring a favorite book from their childhood. It was a great way for her to start a book collection for her baby!

Although we played games including the poopy diaper game... which is actually a lot of fun... you mash up candy bars in diapers and have people taste them and guess what they are. Ha!

And ironically, the baby came before the shower so he was at his own shower! haha.

Middle Sissy said...

I just started crying when I saw that you wrote 'Love You.' Yep, I am definitely pregs :) Thank you (and love you too)!!!! Now excuse me while I get some kleenex.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Smash - OMG, the poopy diaper game may be enough to make me dump my "no games" rule.

Sis - loveyouloveyouloveyouloveyou. ha ha ha. Now go grab some tissues.

Candis said...

Congrats on becoming a future Aunt! How exciting :)

blogmom said...

Did somebody say candy bars? In a baby shower game? OOOOH, Yeah! Genius - too bad Middle Sissy/Middle Daughter doesn't like chocolate b/c this sounds delish/fun. We can only hope that she'll develop a chocolate craving before her baby shower!

Bloggratulations on your future Auntie status, and a big hug and kiss to our mommy-to-be:)

Middle Sissy said...


Correction: I do not like SOLID chocolate. But any sort of chocolate candy bar (Kit Kat, Snickers, Twix, and the like) I LOVE, especially frozen. So it sounds like poopy diaper game is still a contender.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just says Sissy is carrying your baby. That would pretty much end any questions about having babies/getting married for all time.

Or..... just have Brissy supply the swimmers,

Gina said...

We just threw a baby shower for my sister. I second the "no games" idea. We donated money to the children's hospital in the baby's name instead of doing games (the money that would have been spent on prizes.) Nobody missed the games at all. (We're all big talkers, though. We all chatted the afternoon away instead.)

Stacy said...

BlogMom & AAB, you've never heard of the candy bar diaper game?? I thought everyone has!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Candis - thanks! :)

blogmom - so do you think you'll be bloggram or blognana?

Middle Sissy - OMG, now you're INTO the poopy diaper game?

Anony - is that you, baby sissy?

Gina - we won't have ANY problem filling the afternoon with chatter either. :)

Stacy - nope! Then again, I never pay attention during the game portion of showers.