Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Damn you, Tax Man

No, not because I owe money on my taxes this year. Because even the effing Tax Man reminds me I'm single. To all my friends who have gotten married in the past year (many of whom I've served as bridesmaids for, natch), I say this:

The only good thing about the whole taxes process is that I'm actually getting a decent return this year, which will probably be spent on this.

(And by "probably," I mean "will." But don't worry -- there's still enough left over to make good on the finders' fee! So get crackin', peeps.)


Allison M. said...

Here is where my finder's fee will go -

d said...

Yay fun! My sister has that bag (she works for LV corporate) and it is gorgeous in person.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to watch you spend your money on Saturday!! I love being there for all your Louis purchases!!!


Always a Bridesmaid said...

Allison - dude, get on it. You know what needs to happen to get your fee!

d - your sis works for LV corporate? SO JEAL. I bet you get some awesome gifts!! :)

MAR - seriously. We are very good at spending each others' money.

slopmaster said...

a bag? a place to put stuff? seems like a waste.

Anonymous said...

Love the purse. Um... can little sissy get your old one? ;)

MG said...

a friend of mind argues that the purse is just a physical extension of the womb.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Slopmaster - well, it's a good thing you're not in charge of my checkbook then. But I think a tax refund and a promotion are reason enough to buy whatever the hell I want.

Siss - I'm thinking of selling the old one on ebay... unless you can persuade me otherwise.

MG - I don't even get what that means.

Anonymous said...


I think that MG is just being


Stacey D said...

That's a pretty good little return. I feel your pain though. My husband (gotta love him) got behind on his child support before we got married and half of our $4900 refund will go to his baby momma. Makes me crazy!

MG said...

I dunno, she's into anthropology and said that on some profound level women carry purses as an extension of the ancient "gatherer" lifestyle and that across the world you can see evidence of women always needing a bag to carry things across all cultures/time and that men rarely carry bags as such (we use pockets or briefcases) or or nothing at all. In addition, women tend to put high amounts of emphasis on the actual appearance/details of the bags as a way of personal adornment or making it "special" a-la nesting instinct and bla bla bla carrying a purse is psychologically related to carrying a child and that the excitement over this specific bag is merely an example of the nesting instinct one goes through with preparing for a kid...who knows, I need a coffee and that was the first thing that came to my mind when i read this post yesterday. Women love purses cuz they love to nest and they love to nest because they're the ones who give birth.

I'll stop talking now.

p.s. cant tell if blogdad is making fun of me or not but whatever, i have it coming i guess.

Anonymous said...


Don't stop talking... just simplify!