Monday, April 27, 2009

Findlay, not Find-a-lay

I told you yesterday about our outing in Findlay for my friend Michele's bachelorette party this weekend. Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately), my camera battery died so I had to rely on getting some photos from friends.

Aaaaaand here is the photographic evidence of the overalls guy I told you about:

Note the guy on the left's "summer teeth" (one of bloggrampa's favorite phrases, rest his soul -- as in, "summer here, summer there"), pube-a-'do goatee, wife beater and nose ring. Note the man in the background's scary arm tats. Note how proud overalls guy is of said overalls ("Hey, man. Check out my dungarees!")

Aaaaaand here is photographic proof that everyone in Findlay has either furry hair, a mullet or a mustache (and, sometimes, all three):

Note that my friend (in the white) is the only person in this picture with a full set of teeth. What you can't see is that the lead singer (shown here sporting jean shorts, a.k.a. "jorts") is barefoot. Sick. And, yes. That person in the orange plaid is a woman.

So, my friends, is it any wonder that I didn't have much luck finding love while on the road this weekend? Here's hoping this coming weekend brings better prospects. With better fashion sense. Or at least a full set of teeth.


t-bone said...

If you thought Findlay was rough, try heading due west about 20 miles to good ol' Putnam County! Half my college roommates were from those parts, where the Busch Light flows aplenty and showers make you feel dirtier afterthefact due to the filmy, sulfer-smelling water.

Definitely not the west side of C-town, to say the least!

Chuck said...

one of the funniest blog posts to date (and there have been some funny ones)! the photo is hilarious. Thinking about taking this photo to the tattoo parlor.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

T-bone - note to self: never date a man from Putnam County.

Chuck - was not so funny as it was happening, but is hilarious in retrospect.

slopmaster said...

You have to admit, those hick bars are fun as hell. If you're not drunk and dancing or singing, you're drunk and laughing at how ridiculous everyone is. I bet you at least had fun.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Slopmaster - True. We did have a great time (and I wasn't even drunk!).