Monday, April 6, 2009

Must be in the air

If you regularly check out the comments section on my blog posts, you'll probably remember seeing a few here and there from a guy named slopmaster. I don't know anything about him other than the fact that he is a fellow blogger, but I just read a recent post of his that I found hysterical.

Apparently, getting "found out" by a former date vis a vie your blog is contagious these days.

Check out slopmaster's tale about being discovered here. (Be sure to check out the 5th paragraph: "It was mmmmeeee!!!!" Ha ha ha.) Tell him Always a Bridesmaid sent ya!


Dolce said...

I've been to his blog too. He has some funny stories on there, but I'm not too sure about slutting myself around Africa these days. The have more AIDS cases than the rest of the world combined.

Just a thought.

slopmaster said...

yea, I've been thinking about that.. I guess I need to be more careful. Still, it sucks to be found out.