Thursday, April 2, 2009

Manhunt March to be replaced by...

... ?????

I can't think of anything witty to replace Manhunt March. (Which, by the way, I later realized should have been March Man-ness. Duh.)

One of my sissies suggested "Aggressive April," but that just sounds a little too... well... aggressive.

What do you guys think? Spring Fling? Something to do with April showers? Or Easter? Help!!!

(BTW, I am planning to keep the Manhunt March mantra going by continuing to pursue boys who interest me instead of waiting on them. I definitely have a new one that I have my eye on... just met him, though I've been hearing about him for a while now... stay tuned...)

In the meantime... help me name the next phase of my dating exploits! March went out like a lion, to be sure (thanks to the saboteur!). Let's hope April brings a tad less blogma (blog + drama, for those of you who haven't been keeping up).


Anonymous said...

It's Raining Men?

Anonymous said...

April showers bring May flowers so hopefully it starts raining men!

Although if the men that appear in your life in April turn into flowers in May, they may be more interested in a "manhunt" also.

Anonymous said...

April showers, men bring flowers

Kimber said...

My friends and I had our own March Man-ness. We have now named April "All the Way April." haha

Lady Jane said...

ugh..I came over with what i thought was a good idea..but it was taken. The very first comment. BTW..your blog title caught my eye..I blogged just a bit ago about always being a bridesmaids ( 20 weddings...)