Thursday, March 26, 2009


There are two reasons for this apology post.


First, I feel horrible about an entry I wrote back in October recapping a surprise party I went to for my friend Christina's birthday. In it, I used the name of our server, Walter, and sort of made him sound like a d-bag.

(It has always been my policy not to use the real names of guys I date, but I used Walter's real name because he wasn't a "date" of mine... though I now realize that the way I painted him was unfair and I probs shouldn't have named him. So I'm not even linking to that post. You can dig for it if you really want to read it.)

Anyhow, Walter was FAR from a d-bag. In fact, my friends and I talked about him for weeks afterward because he took such good care of us. I mention this because someone who knows Walter must have recently forwarded that post to him, because he commented on it just this week to clear his name.

And, because I doubt you guys are going to go back nearly five months to see his comment, I am taking this opportunity apologize to Walter from Lago. Sorry, Wally! (BTW, you should still get a watch.)


Today is my friend Molly's birthday, and the "soooooooorry" header for this post (with the intentional bazillion "o"s) is an homage to her.

Molly and I used to watch a DVD of Ellen DeGeneres stand-up on Friday nites when we were home... single... eating Mitchell's ice cream... in our flannel pajama pants. In the DVD, Ellen did a whole schtick about how, when people say "sooooooorry" with exaggerated "o"s, they don't really mean it. (You just said it in your head, didn't you?)

So, ever since then, Molly and I say "soooooorry" to each other. And, even though Molls is now happily married (my most recent bridesmaid endeavor!) and we don't have our Ellen/ice cream/PJ get-togethers anymore, I still giggle every time I hear someone say it like that. So, Molls... soooooooorry you're getting older! :)

P.S. thanks to all of you for your sweet comments on my recent date with The Greek. It was nice to go out and have fun with a guy who didn't make me want to vurp (vomit + burp) in my mouth, and I'm glad you guys think so too! And, judging from comments on that same post, you all REALLY like the idea of doing March Man-ness brackets for my dates. It is under consideration by management...

P.P.S. welcome to all my new followers! As blogdad would say, I now have "double nickles" (55) followers on the site. If you want to see who's following or become a follower yourself, check out the little box right over there. <--- Many of my followers write great blogs of their own. (Though I dare you to find one whose dating life has been as horrendous as mine!) Check them out!


Anonymous said...

"Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooorry!" I had to move away! I'm working on making my way back....someday we'll be able to enjoy Mitchell's & Ellen in our PJ's again! So many laughs on that plaid (awesome) couch! It's amazing how weird it seems to drive 30 minutes in your PJ's....30 seconds in your slippers is nothing. Thanks Girl! Love you!

Stacey D said...

Hee, hee! Yes, I did say it in my head. I am usally on a daily rant about how people say "I'm sorry". My husband and my two sons all say "Soooooooooooory" in a very nasal tone. Which to me means - "Mom are you done complaining and yelling at me - can I go now?"

Allison M. said...

sorry but I'm not going back to October to dig thru your posts. It's OK, I'll go to Lago and ask for Wally and I'll only sit in his section.

Laura said...

I love that you are saying soooorryyyy to your friend for getting older. Oh I wish it was that simple! Plus my birthday is in April so I think the birthday candles are calling to me. I love your blog!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Anon - I'm also soooooooorry you moved away. And that you can't figure out your blogger password. :)

Stacy - I said it like this ALL WEEKEND. Soooooooorry. Ha ha ha!

Allison - Walter was awesome. So fun.

Laura - I can pretend sooooooorry will work for Molls b/c I am older than her. And thanks for the nice compliment! :)

Always a Bridesmaid said...

P.S. Laura - now that I clicked on your profile, I realized I never did that quiz you left. I stink! Sooooooorry. :)