Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boys are weird

I just wrote an entire post about a very strange boy incident I had with The Insurance Guy last nite, but then realized it was so long and rambling that no one would care. So I erased the entire thing. (I mean, I even bored myself.) For a backgrounder on him, go here.

Suffice to say that after a very fun dinner with my friend Mo (the kind of friend you can go months without seeing, then immediately pick up where you left off), we met up with The Insurance Guy at a bar down the street, after he texted and called for us to meet him.

(Mo was formerly neighbors with The Insurance Guy, before he and his wife split up. She fixed us up last summer and we went on a couple of dates, but he was in the middle of his divorce and I just wasn't ready for that sitch after my whole saga with The Divorcee.)

What ensued was a very, very strange couple of hours. Some highlights of what the evening entailed:
  • A silk blouse that didn't want to stay buttoned (mine)

  • A 60-year-old insurance agent (who works for The Insurance Guy) who I thought was hitting on me (as did Mo) until he mentioned his wife

  • A meh-cute bartender who apparently also dated The Insurance Guy (I mean, really? Why in the world would you ask a girl that you went on a few dates with to meet you at a bar where another girl you dated bartends? Pick somewhere else, you d-bag.)

  • Some shady goings-on between the bar owner and The Insurance Guy (they kept disappearing together into some hidden room)

  • A bet that involved me doing the splits in the bar if the 60-year-old tried them (he didn't)
It was just really weird. I mean, The Insurance Guy was all about us meeting him out, then basically ignored us for half of the time we were there. It was just really, really odd. Especially because the bar he was at was completely out of the way for him to be at. So we knew he basically picked it because we were having dinner down the street.

As soon as we said our goodbyes to the guys and got in our cars, I got a call from Mo (who, as you remember, was the one who fixed us up in the first place and had previously thought The Insurance Guy was an awesome catch). Her take on the whole nite? "I think he is just maybe sorta weird."

Amen, sister. Amen.

Six degrees sidenote: before she was married, Mo tried to fix me up with her now-husband (she was interested in someone else at the time). And she also knew the meh-cute bartender from the gym who dated The Insurance Guy.

Seriously... do you guys have this whole six degrees thing happen to you as much as it seems to plague me?


Unknown said...

Yes, boys ARE weird! Why the heck would he take you to his ex-girlfriend's job on a date??? Weirdo! My friend once when on a date with a guy who took her to a restaurant and then spent the whole meal talking about how much he's always hated the restaurant he took her to. So, um, why take a date there?

Beach Shack Dreams said...

Circles are always small... I set up one of my best friends with my High School boyfriend. They hit it off so much that he's moving up here to be with her and going to sublet my apartment while I'm out of town for the summer!

Now if only I could get someone to set me up with someone that fabulous I'd be all good :)

kpoor said...

Boys are weird? C'mon - two of the five bullet points involve your shirt popping open and doing the splits. Who's the weird one here?

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Tova - that is so funny. Does your friend want to write a guest post? ;)

Sandcastle - hopefully karma will pay you back and you'll get a good set-up soon.

Kpoor - point taken. But I like to think of those as "fun" attributes, not "weird" ones. ha!

Anonymous said...

He's a bonehead!

PJ said...

You owe us some updates, Always a Bridesmaid. I feel a few storylines are incomplete.

rachaelgking said...

YES, especially in DC... it's much smaller than people realize!

And I would definitely stay away from the one. He sounds... Off. Very off.

Girl in Carolina said...

Yes I have the six degrees happen to me constantly. The guy I'm dating now knows the guy I used to be interested in. He knows that whole family very well. Also, one of my friends married one of my good guy friends growing up. This happened after me and the guy lost touch for a years. So bizarre. I can't ever seem to escape it! lol

Yes, he definintely sounds shady. Especially the disapearing into the backroom part.