Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's all Greek to me!

So, it's 11:40 and I just got home from my date with The Greek. And, much to my delight, it didn't completely suck ass! (Hey, my standards are not all that high anymore.)

(And, actually, I'm kidding. It was really fun!)

We met for a drink at Luxe, then headed to see a film at the Cleveland International Film Festival at Tower City.

(BTW, have you gone yet? You should. Even if the movies are weird -- which many of them are -- it's a really cool experience.)

The Greek had VIP passes to the festival, but was clearly not sure what to do with them or the complimentary valet parking that came with them. Which was actually sort of endearing.

Let's backtrack a bit, though... how did we meet, you ask? Well, in the spirit of Manhunt March... it was I, your dear (or bitchy?) Always a Bridesmaid, who made the initial contact with The Greek after reading about him in a blog article about a week or two ago.

I'm really not sure what compelled me to email him, but I did. And we started emailing. And then he asked me out (though tonite was the first nite we were both free). And then he Facebook friended me. And then we met in person tonite. (Which, incidentally, was also the first time we talked in person. But, at least he didn't text me, right?!?)

Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised with how easily the conversation flowed. And, The Greek was a lot cuter in person that in his Facebook pictures (which were pretty cute in and of themselves).

(However, I *might* weigh more than him. Seriously.)

And while some of his traits are not my typical "type" (including two large tattoos on each arm and a previous life as a skater punk), he also had some really amazing stories to tell (including working for a couple of nonprofit associations and a short stint in the Peace Corps).


Fun fact: this is now the second "first date" that I have come home with a new t-shirt. Prior to the movie starting (it was a Greek foreign film), The Greek answered a quiz question correctly and won the shirt. He promptly handed it over to me and, to my delight, it was actually the right size! (I usually end up with free t-shirts in size XL, which all 5'2" of me can belt and wear as a dress.) So, even if he never calls again, I at least have a fun memento to remember the nite by.

BTW, in the midst of emailing with The Greek today to finalize our plans for tonite, I made a date with yet another guy for next week. (Hey, a girl's gotta play the field, right? More to come on guy number two next week.)

Who needs basketball games when my love life is turning into March Man-ness? (Maybe we should do brackets for my dates!)


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

you went on a date with a greek boy?? i know a few things about them :)

let me guess his name ends in "s"?

Allison M. said...

brackets for your dates! Now that's an idea.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad you had fun and that it was a good experience. You've been about due for a fun date with a fun man.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Alexa - I know! I totes thought of you on my date. And, yes, his name ends in "s." HA!

Allison - I really like the brackets idea... but I'm not sure I have enough guys to fill one up?

Jane - Thanks!

d said...

I LOVE the idea of a bracket! Glad you had a good date ;)

rachaelgking said...

I knew Alexa was going to be stoked about the Greek factor.

Pro: Their food is AWESOME.

Con: Their food is AWESOME.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

d - seriously. I really, really, really want to do the brackets, but I think I need a few more guys in the pipeline before I do. But, you never know...

LiLu - I knew Alexa would jump on that shiz-nit too! I KNOW their food is awesome, which is why I could not understand how skinny this kid is.

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY DO BRACKETS! Even if you need to throw in ex-dates into the first round to make up more rounds! haha.

Glad you had fun! And props on getting another 1st date next week - playing the field is very freeing and fun :)

slopmaster said...

nice, congrats... how do I get in on this guy bracket?? putting out is optional right?

MG said...

I can't believe I get tipped onto this by one of your "haters"

Cognrats on the other first date. Hedge Hedge Hedge.

The Greek.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Smash - I would definitely need to throw in ex-dates into the brackets mix b/c I don't date enough to fill an entire bracket otherwise.

Slopmaster - don't you live in another country? I think that DQs you as a potential date.

The Greek - the other date was set up before we even went out, so you can't blame a girl for exploring options. But, I do want to thank you for alerting me to my hater. I'm not quite sure why she felt it necessary to sabotage my dating life when I do a pretty good job on my own.

MG said...

@ Always,

I wasnt being sarcastic about congratulating you on the other date.

hedging your bets is a philosophy I fully embrace...some people have issues with it or but you're single as long as you're single so do what you want. If people weren't so concerned about it being "scandalous" (1950's/highschool style) they'd realize better things come out of it than not.

That's a dating concept I've been talking about for years. Maybe it's the gender bias but I think lately there's a lot of "you go girl" about these topics but for guys you're just labeled a jerk.

It IS a bigger-city mentality (obviously rampant in NYC, ATL, DC, etc.) that's not as popular here but I did tell you I got the bigger-city vibe from you anyway so it makes sense.


Ellas (look at your shirt)

Anonymous said...

I don't hate you -- just think it's funny you complain about guys being shady, yet go out with guys & come home & blog about them.

Maybe if you spent more time getting to know a guy on a date instead of pondering potential blog topics, you'd be better off in the long run

Always a Bridesmaid said...

The Greek - you're right, you did say that. Can we somehow make Cleveland bigger?

Anonymous - I agree with you. I certainly was not on the date with The Greek looking for blog topics, so I'm not sure why you thought that. And I also agree with the notion of getting to know someone. Unfortunately, you ruined that for me with The Greek.

Anonymous said...

So this "Anonymous" is trying to HELP you! Come on Anonymous - do you think 27 Dresses in Cleveland is going to take advise from you, the Anonymous Hater! If our girl didn't come home and blog about her dates you'd have nothing to read on a lonely Saturday morning!

MG said...

Hey Anon @ 1048 Am on 3/28,

Are you the same person, I wont mention your name, that messaged me on facebook about this?

If so, I'm a bit annoyed you haven't answered the question as to how you figured out this was me...this makes you seem infinitely more creepy than anyone blogging in coded language about a date (which again, i really didnt see as a big deal) with me...

The Greek

p.s. I will reveal your name publicly if you don't respond.