Monday, December 22, 2008

We interrupt this guest blogging series...

... for a quick post from yours truly. (It's me! Always a Bridesmaid!)

I am just now starting to feel better (it's currently early Monday evening) from the annual Christmas party that my brother-in-law and his friends throw (which was Saturday nite). Ummmm... yeah.

I awoke yesterday morning (at my sis and bro-in-law's house) to discover a few things:

  • I should never mix gin and tonics with shots. EVER. That mixture is gross going down. And guess what? It's even worse when it comes back up. (Twice.)

  • McDonald's breakfast is the closest thing to a slice of heaven that's possible after a night of drunken debauchery.

  • I should have reconsidered my footwear for the party. Knee-high boots are cute when you're sober, but tearing those things off when you're in the bag is another story. (Luckily, my friend Nikki was there with the assist on Saturday nite.)

  • I use proper grammar and spelling even whilst drunk/blackout texting. (I must admit -- I was quite impressed with myself when I was reviewing the text log in the morning.)

Also of note? I apparently thought it was a good idea to conduct a PDA session at the party with The Beard, a kid I have known since grade school.

This is the same kid who I flirted with at my middle sissy's wedding, then later got called a d*ck tease by my youngest sissy, her hubby and brissy because I didn't "seal the deal" that nite. (Which, I suppose, does technically make me a d*ck tease.)

Anyhow, The Beard is utterly adorable (minus the beard thing he has going on right now) and very funny. You know how I love the cute, funny ones! And while The Beard's family still lives in town, he has since moved away. (Seems to be a trend for me, no?)

Hey, I guess every party needs a "that girl," right? I just hope I don't fill that role again anytime soon.

*** We now return to our regularly-scheduled guest blogging series. ***

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is awesome. And I'm always that girl at parties/weddings. Maybe that's why I'm not married now.