Saturday, December 27, 2008

Guest blogger #5 - Out of money, out of luck

Ooops, readers. I thought I only had one last guest blogger in the queue (TMGB), but I forgot about this little nugget from Ashley over at Encounters of the Human Kind.

Since Ashley already wrote about this horrible date on her own blog (and I'm all about lazy blogging during the holidays), just click on the link above to find out how not to impress a woman on a first date.

The experience she describes makes every leather pants lawyer/lady parts salesman/cartwheel doing-guy I've dated and/or seen on the prowl sound like a prince.

Seriously. Who starts a date at 11pm? (Other than... ahem... those ladies who are *paid* to do so.) And THEN he doesn't have enough money to pay for himself? OMG.

Go check it out. You'll feel better about every pathetic date you've ever been on.


And now that you've checked out Ashley's blog (what? you didn't go there yet? promise you will after you finish this post!), I officially only have one guest blogger left in the hopper: TMGB. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the blog over the past week! It was nice to have a little time off.

But sorry, readers... you're stuck with me again now. (And I'm actually kind of glad... I missed you!)

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Ashley said...

Glad I could help out...hopefully I've made a few people feel a little better about their pathetic dates in the past...