Sunday, December 7, 2008

Raphael, Nicholas... and, now, Anthony

I had no idea how many religious rituals there were to find a potential mate until I started this blog.

I got a text from blogaunt last week telling me to burn an orange candle next to a picture of St. Anthony on Tuesday to find a husband.

Sure enough, I did a little online research and discovered this item on several sites:

Saint Anthony of Padua
On a Tuesday, burn a brown candle for special requests, a green candle for financial help or an orange candle to find a husband. St. Anthony is a wonder worker when it comes to finding lost articles, improving the memory and bringing back a strayed lover. His emblem is the lily.

Geez. Now I've got to pray to St. Raphael, St. Nicholas and St. Anthony? That's a lot of praying. I might as well have become a nun!

Then again... I sort of am a nun lately...


Anonymous said...

Hi ALB! Love, love, love the blog!

I, too was given many suggestions of the saints I should pray to...... and I'm not even Catholic....

Okay, one more saint for you. Have you heard of St. Ann's in Cleveland Heights and the connection to single women? Years ago someone informed me that a single woman looking for love should go to St. Ann's in Cleveland Heights and say the following, "St. Ann, send me a man". Supposed to have a good track record and I did eventually get my man! Just something to keep in mind!

Allison M. said...

I went to St. Anthony's school. Does that count?

Always a Bridesmaid said...

TCG - did you go to St. Ann's? How long before you met JG?

Allison - are you suggesting I burn a candle next to YOUR face?

Anonymous said...

(head bowed down avoiding eye contact....)
Yes, I did. I met JG about 2 years later. The waiting part was a little frustrating.... With the way people talked about St. Ann's Cathedral you would have thought the cathedral roof would have opened up and drop my future hubby right into my lap.