Sunday, November 16, 2008

"So are you bringing Brissy with you?"

Just got off the phone with my parents. Among other things, we talked about Molly and Drew's upcoming wedding. (My parents, sisters and bros-in-law are all going.)

Here's how the conversation went down:

BLOGDAD: The weather is supposed to blow this week.

ME: I know. But I checked the weather for next Saturday and it's supposed to stop snowing and be a little warmer.

BLOGMOM (in the background, yelling thru blogdad): Where are you going for pictures?

ME: I don't know. (Which is a bit of a lie... but there are a few potential wedding pic places and I just sort of didn't feel like getting into it, especially since it was going to involve a lot of relayed info going back and forth thru blogdad.)

BLOGDAD: So are you bringing Brissy with you? (NOTE: Brissy is our gay family friend who we have basically adopted as a brother. But since he's gay, he's actually more like a sister. So, we call him Brissy -- half brother, half sister.)

ME: No, he has to work until 7, then would have to go home and get ready. (NOTE: While it sucks that Brissy can't come because he's working, he's still doing my makeup that day. He is an AMAZING makeup artist.)

BLOGDAD: Oh, yeah, that would never work. He takes forever to get ready. (Note: Why do I find it so funny that blogdad immediately realized Brissy would take too long to get ready to make it to the wedding in time?) Well, we'll still have fun without him.

Why do I share this conversation with you? Because. I had a revelation.

I am the family member who always has the gay guy as her date because she's perpetually single for important friend/family weddings. OMG.

I mean, that's not always a bad thing. My makeup is always flawless. I never have an errant bra strap showing. And my date puts Chris Brown to shame on the dance floor.

In reality, it is much more fun to have Brissy (or another gay friend -- I have plenty!) as a wedding date, but unfortunately it just ain't gonna happen this time. But, I guess there is one good thing about Brissy not being able to come with me next Saturday... one less person to compete with for any of the single guys at the reception!


Blogker said...

I've been to these weddings and I have to tell's an odd approach.

So you dance with some guy, obviously gay or not, and he's smoking up the floor with you and then you both go off and drink your cosmo's when it's slow dance're all sweaty, he's fanning himself with the program and wiping you off with his what point does the guy who would like to come up and talk to you approach? Does Brissy have to leave you to take a pissy? (sorry that's bad.)

Also, I like to think I am an OK looking guy, not overweight, good hair, "great personality", bad speller, etc...not once, never in my life have I been hit on by another guy. I am sadly not a guy that others guys want to see naked. (Truth be told, I don't blame them.) Is that an acid test for you?

I think you go solo, and you increase your chances of meeting someone by 75%.

So my real questions are...have you been successful with this? And, if brissy doesn't think someone's right for you, do you trust that he's not just trying to get him for himself and lieing to you??

These are deep questions...take your time.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Blogker - WHOA. I'm honored that you thought out your comments so much. Really, I would not bring Brissy so he could pre-screen boys for me. It's more so I don't have to be the only loser at the table without a date. And, he's like a brother.

And trust me... NO ONE would mistake him for being even 1% straight.