Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Strange encounters of the digital kind

I have had some STRANGE encounters of the digital kind over the past several weeks.

First, there was the guy who Facebook friended me who I didn't know.

Here's how it went down: my friend Amy at work sent a pic of a bunch of us to her hubby; her hubby showed the pic to his friend from work; the friend from work (the guy who I'm talking about -- we'll call him The Engineer) claimed he knew me, and asked Amy's husband a zillion questions about me.

Weeks later, The Engineer Facebook friended me. Mind you, I still have NO IDEA who this guy is at this point (and, actually, still don't). When I didn't immediately accept his friend request, he asked Amy's hubby why I hadn't accepted him yet. So, I hit "confirm" just to get it over and done with already.

Of course, because I don't know him, I never sent a message or anything after accepting his friend request. A couple of weeks later, The Engineer wrote on my wall and just said, "I can't believe you haven't said hello yet." WTF? I don't even KNOW you. And if you wanted to get to know me so badly, why wouldn't YOU say something first?

Since then, he has sent me a couple other messages (commenting on status updates, my Halloween costume, etc.). And he's also apparently told Amy's husband that he can't understand why I haven't asked him out yet.

Gee, I wonder.

Then, I got a much creepier message.

This time, I received a text message from someone who wasn't in my phone. The sender's address was "HI." Like, whoever sent me the message purposely overwrote their phone number so I couldn't see it, then replaced it with "HI." And so was born The Creepy Texter.

Then I read the message: "Always a Bridesmaid! You are dressed nice today. Love that blouse!"

A few things to comment on:
  • The Creepy Texter knew my name. And purposely didn't want me to know his (or hers???).

  • The Creepy Texter HAD to have seen me that day. I know, I know. You could say that anyone could guess I was wearing a blouse based on what most girls wear to work. But the truth is, I was wearing a very obvious blouse. One that you WOULD comment on. Not just a plain blue shirt or something. And how did he know I wasn't wearing a sweater or a dress?

  • The Creepy Texter used the word "blouse." That in and of itself is creepy. What boy says "blouse?"

After fearing for the entire weekend that I was going to be chopped up into little pieces, I decided (and still HOPE) this was just someone I know playing a prank on me.

But, whoever it was has good taste. I do look cute in that blouse. :)


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

shut up!!

1. that FB dude is a loser.
2. you totally have a stalker! although i hope it is just one of your friends messing with you.
3. i'm excited to see/meet you tomorrow

who's creepy now? ha

Anonymous said...

I would totally recommend just coming clean with whoever it is, and texting the number back "who is this?!" I know you kinda feel like a jerkface if it turns out to be someone you know, but no one wants you to end up like a girl from that move Scream! Then, I would also suggest doing a google search for the number (did you say it was blocked or just that you don't have that person programmed into your phone?) sometimes it will just tell you a provider, sometimes you get better info...but it's worth a shot. Not trying to scare you or be overly paranoid but I have had this happen to me and I felt SO much better knowing it was a friend's husband's loser friend rather than a creepy axe murderer. :) FB guy, I would "defriend" (is that a term) him and see how he likes them apples! I agree with the post above...loser!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Jujubean - I actually did text JUST that back to the number, but did not get a response. Also, I looked up the number via Verizon and it came up as 000-000-6xxx (the x's were numbers). But, I can't get the real number or I totally would have Columbo-ed that one out.

I'm gonna let the FB dude ride it out until he creeps me out again. Then I will defriend him. Good suggestion.

Anonymous said...

hmmm for what it's worth, sounds like the texting thing may have come from the verizon can send people texts from the site directly, and not from a phone. Still weird. Hoping its a friend being funny.