Friday, November 28, 2008

In the Nick of time

Anyone who reads this blog fairly regularly knows that I never use any guys' real names here (to protect the innocent -- and the guilty).

But I felt compelled to write this entry using real names -- actually, just real first names -- because what is happening right now is just a little too creepy.

I will keep details very vague at this point in case I end up blogging about any of these guys in future posts with their new "fake" names (e.g., The Something-or-Other).

But I think you will see why I am so creeped out when you read the three scenarios below:

  • A friend I used to work with emailed me about a week or so ago because she wants to fix me up with her friend's brother. (He and I have since exchanged voicemails, but haven't yet connected in person.) His name is Nick.

  • Another friend emailed me tonite to finalize our plans for tomorrow. She mentioned that some guy might be meeting us out for the purpose of meeting me. His name is Nick.

  • My sister texted me from her husband's high school reunion tonite (about an hour after I got the email from my friend above) with a pic of a really cute guy captioned "Your husband." His name is... you guessed it!... Nick.

What does all of this mean? I don't know. Maybe nothing!

But is it at all weird that St. Nicholas is supposedly the patron saint of single women? (Check out this blog post for details.) I don't know.

And is it weird that good ol' St. Nick is as far as the eye can see right now (the mall, the television, the papers)? I don't know.

What do I know? This is gonna be a confusing couple of weeks for me. Wow.

*** UPDATE *** UPDATE *** UPDATE ***

I confirmed with my mother that my name was supposed to be Nicholas until I was born missing the requisite... ummm... appendage.

And, I had a dream about Nick Jonas last nite. (Who's creepy now?)


Melinda said...

That's very creepy... but cool at the same time.

And I did not know about St. Nicholas! Totally cool. There is a church named after him in Prague, where I visited last year. If I only knew then, what I know now... Maybe I would have prayed. LOL

Good stuff. Can't wait to hear the outcome!!

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

what if it is THE SAME NICK?!?!? wouldn't that be crazy?

also, St Nicholas day is coming up. isn't it on December 5 or 6th? you should go out with one of them then.

i have a good feeling about this lady.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Mel - yes, he is supposed to be the patron saint of single ladies. So is St. Raphael. Neither has done anything for me yet, but I'm not giving up on them.

Alexa - I thought the SAME thing. But after getting a few details on each one, I don't think they are the same.

M&A - check out the update I just posted to this entry... not sure which is weirder...