Sunday, November 30, 2008

Unlucky 13

Blech. What a bust last nite was. I was supposed to meet a couple of girlfriends (and their respective boy toys) for some drinks and fun, but instead got home before midnite feeling like a big fat loser.

The original plan was to head to Bier Markt (where there are always cute boys), but after one of our friends dropped out because she and her hubs were sick, the plan changed and I went south (Strongsville) to meet up with my other friend.

Friend #2 was heading out with a guy she recently started hanging out with, and his friends were staying closer to their houses. So I agreed to meet them there (since it was just little ol' me coming from the West side).

What I didn't know was that I was heading into Couples Central. (Side note: the bar was apparently also Mullet Central.) As in, I was the 13th wheel. Literally.

While I have grown accustomed to being a fifth or seventh wheel, being the thirteenth wheel was a new low. And on top of that, I only knew my friend out of that group. (Usually when I'm hanging out with couples, I am friends with all of them so it's not that big of a deal.)

While no one would ever accuse me of being shy, it's not easy to come into a situation where you know only one person... and that person has googly eyes over some new guy.

I tried to make the best of it for a couple of hours by chatting up several of the new peeps I met. (I love meeting new people!) That was fun for a while, but the more the beer flowed, the more the couples started... well... coupling up.

So, I said my goodbyes, hopped in the car and headed home. Two's company, but thirteen is definitely a crowd.

And guess what song came on about two seconds after I pulled out of the parking lot? That's right. This one.

P.S. And in case you're wondering, the first Nick never made it out last nite. (Not that he was the reason I was going. But it would have been nice to at least have someone to talk to... who didn't have a mullet.)


Christina K said...

a) I can't believe you used the Count in your image
b) What is up with Beyons' glove in that video?
c) I miss JT in that jam

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

oh buddy that is miserable!! i'm sorry, call me next time and we can go get bombed together.

LBluca77 said...

Oh I'm sorry, being the 13th wheel is never fun. Trust me I have been there.