Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What celebrity would you take to Thanksgiving dinner?

Apparently an online dating service recently did a survey of singles to find out which celebrity they'd most like to bring as a Thanksgiving dinner date.

The winners? Guys chose Jennifer Aniston and girls chose George Clooney. Click here for the full list of top choices.

I actually quite like the Clooney suggestion because he is supposed to be a huge prankster, which seems fun (provided he's not playing any jokes on me). And, he's not too bad on the eyes either. (Unless you're talking about this heinous pic, which I can not stop laughing about.)

But Jennifer Aniston? While I covet her hair and physique, I think she actually seems quite boring otherwise. She barely smiles and probably barely eats (then again, that would mean more food for her date on Turkey Day).

So if you were single and could bring a celebrity home for Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be? My top choices:

  • Josh Duhamel - totes hot, is funny and would probably know all the words to Glamorous

  • Justin Timberlake - totes hot, is funny and can entertain me after dinner (hopefully with back-up dancing skills similar to his recent guest stint on SNL)

  • Paul Rudd - totes hot, is funny and can re-enact scenes from Clueless with me after dinner

  • Adam Levine - totes hot. Not sure if he's funny. But something about him is just really delicious. (But not as delicious as blogaunt's special recipe stuffing.)

Sensing a theme? Hot and funny. Got it?

Note to anyone I'll see on or around Turkey Day: No, I am not dating anyone. So please don't bother asking. Unless you want one of those turkey drumsticks shoved somewhere that is going to be painful for both of us.


alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

paul rudd for the win!

i'm a sucker for dark hair and wit.

Famously Single said...

Paul Rudd is my celebrity crush! Everyone used to say my ex looked like Josh Duhamel, which could very well explain why I can't get over him

Christina K said...

JT 4eva

Allison M. said...

Justin Timberlake. hands down.

he could sing songs the whole time.

Missy said...

Jake Gyllenhaal for me.

Blogker said...

I'm a guy and feel gay knowing that woman are still atrracted to Justin Timberlake, when will his 15minutes be up, MY GOD...I mean he was a great Mousekateer (spelling), but what has he done since then??

I know this blog is more for woman, but I have to admit, I am a better dater for reading it, so if you included woman on that list who would they be? Aniston is it for me...has been, post first year of friends when her hair couldn't make up it's mind, and she always will be....LOVE HER!