Monday, November 17, 2008

To LBD or not to LBD

Before I decided not to go to the prom with The Lawyer, I ordered an assload of dresses from Nordstrom because I couldn't find anything I liked in person.

I knew I wanted to wear black (perhaps because I had already planned to be in mourning that nite, had I gone). And I didn't have any back-up wedding dresses to choose from because nearly all of the dresses I've worn to weddings lately have been bridesmaid dresses.

But by the time I decided not to go to prom, it was too late to cancel my order. So I got the package at work last Friday and tried on the dresses over the weekend.

Now I'm thinking of keeping this one, since it fits me really well and I know I have at least two weddings to go to next year that I actually get to pick my own dress for! (Read: I'm not a bridesmaid!)

But I'm a tad torn. Does the organza and/or bubble skirt make it a little too trendy? Will it be completely out of style by next summer? (If you want to get a closer look at the dress, click here.)

A girl can never have too many LBDs, can she? Or maybe this just means I actually need to do something fun/out on the town this year for New Year's Eve so I can wear it and be certain it won't be out of style yet. (More about how much I hate NYE in a future post.)

What do you think?


Tube Top said...

Hey! I like the dress! Very trendy. It kind of looks like the bridesmaid dresses I am thinking about going with! That would be all can wear black dresses so it is LIKE you are in the wedding! HA! But seriously, I love it...It looks like you! OH...I guess I shouldn't assume your thiking of wearing this to my wedding! But if you are, I love it!

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i don't think black dresses ever really go out of style. and i really like that one.

keep it!

Blogker said...

Pitch the dress...the model even looks like crap in that thing...and black may never go out of style, but that dress looks likes someones hidding the bump.

I wouldn't listen to anyone named tubetop...she isn't your friend if she's telling you to buy that rag.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Tube top - yours is obvi one of the weddings I was thinking about. But I may want to wear something fun and colorful for your big day.

Alexa - thanks!

Blogker - re: hiding a bump -- that's why I LIKE it. I can eat whatever I want and still be comfortable. These are important considerations for girls, you know. And contrary to your opinion, Tube Top is a VERY good friend. Even though she WAS the one who fixed me up with The Murse.

Christina K said...

You know how I feel about bubble hems...LOVE THEM! Keep this baby and let me have it if you get bored with it.