Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The countdown is on!

T-minus 11 days until my next bridesmaid duty for Molly & Drew's wedding. (I was reminded this morning when my official wedding day itinerary arrived.)

I am super excited. Why?
  • I love our dresses. Steel gray babydoll/empire waist silk dupioni dress with a cute black sash. (Truth be told, I don't actually have mine yet. It's being taken in for the second time. The first time I tried it on, it was literally like I wrapped myself in a duvet cover. So it's taken a couple of rounds of alterations to make it fit. And I didn't blog about it before b/c I didn't want Molly worried that it was going to look like a potato sack on me. Now that she saw it in person last weekend, she's feeling good, so I can write about it.)

  • My whole family is going to be at the wedding. Parents, sisters, brothers-in-law. Anyone who has ever seen my family in action on a wedding dance floor knows what a treat is in store. Suffice to say my father will likely be dirty dancing with my friends, and everyone will tell my sisters they should try out for So You Think You Can Dance after the wedding.

  • My wedding partner specifically requested me to be paired with him. (Don't get too excited, readers -- he's married.) But, I think that means we will definitely rock the bridal party "coolness" contest since we are both loud and outgoing. And, I'm hoping, good dancers.

Oh, and I'm really happy for the bride- and groom-to-be too. But that goes without saying. :)

(Six degrees side note: I was actually supposed to get fixed up with the groom-to-be years ago, but ended up rekindling with The Divorcee the nite before I was supposed to meet Drew. See, Moll? You're right. Everything happens for a reason.)


Anonymous said...

Both of your bros-in-law told me ON SEPARATE OCCASSIONS that they will be the drunkest people at the wedding. Should make for some good stories. Hope Molly won't mind a ton of drunk fools dancing on the dance floor!

Anonymous said...

Molly is banking on Mr. Zone bringing his best dance moves ever to the wedding! And I love the drunk Zone bros-in-laws....I hope to have it all caught on film!

Lisa - thanks for this blog - very sweet....and made me slightly emotional (and for anyone that doesn't know me....I have ice running though these veins). :)

I know God has someone already picked out for you...and he's going to be as wonderful as Drew.