Sunday, November 2, 2008

ESP finds BF?

My aunt (who comments here as "blogaunt") has always claimed to have a weird 6th sense/ESP thing going on. We've seen it in action a few times over the years, but I honestly couldn't remember anything specific. Until today.

My sisters and I went over to visit blogaunt for her bday. While we were there, blogaunt brought out a bag of leftover Halloween candy.

My sister Jenna passed on the treats, but then said there is a candy bar she's been wanting to try. To which blogaunt replied, "Take 5?" And you know what? She was right.

Here's what's weird. Jenna IN NO WAY described what the candy bar was. She just said "candy bar." And, while delicious, a Take 5 bar isn't really what I would describe as a top 5 candy bar. It's like blogaunt was able to read her mind.

(Side note: blogaunt said this mind-reading thing has been happening a lot lately.)

All of us sort of freaked out a little bit when this happened. I mean, seriously. How do you just pull Take 5 out of your ass like that without some type of divine intervention?

But then I realized this may be just the secret weapon I need. Blogaunt can immediately tell me whether I'm wasting my time with a potential suitor! So, this post is officially putting her to work.

(We will forgive the time that, when early into our dating, she told me she thought The Murse and I would get married soon... we broke up SIX YEARS later because it didn't happen. But maybe her talents were still developing back then.)

I know blogaunt reads 27 Dresses in Cleveland pretty regularly, so I think I'm just gonna wait patiently for the "This is the one!" comment from her.

Til then... guess I'll just Take 5.


Anonymous said...

Blogaunt might want to rething that handle... I can't help but read it as "blow-gaunt," and, well... let's just say AuntOnABlog or something might work better...

Anonymous said...

I think you may be reading a bit much into the Take 5 thing. How many "new" candy bars are out there that some one might really want to try? I can think of one. The same one your aunt though of.