Wednesday, November 5, 2008

With these shoes, I thee wed

When helping friends and family plan their weddings, I am always amazed at the amount of time a bride spends shopping to find the "perfect shoe"... especially since pretty much the only thing anyone ever sees on a bride's foot is the sole of her shoe if/when she is kneeling at some point during the ceremony.

(This shoe thing often extends to the bridal party. My friend Carrie almost had us return our shoes for her wedding b/c the sole was black and our dresses were mocha, and she thought that might be too much of a contrast. True story.)

Anyhow, this "perfect shoe" phenomenon came rushing back to me while shopping with Molly during our recent trip to Florida. Since it was raining, we stopped at the local DSW and found what we thought were "the" shoes. After many, MANY failed attempts at ordering shoes online, Molly seemed very content with her purchase. (I think she even got them on sale!)

So imagine my surprise when I found out that she is planning to go to an event at the grand opening of the DSW at Crocker Park tomorrow, just to make sure she found "the" shoes.

WAIT!! I thought we had "the" shoe!!! But, it seems as though Molly (or, as I'll call her now, Cinderella) wants to do one more round of shopping before committing.

(I swear to you, she has had a harder time committing to her shoes and hairstyle for this wedding than she did committing to her fiancee.)

So, fair warning. There's a bride on a mission to win the chance to stuff a car full of shoes so she has lots of options on the big day. Enter at your own risk.


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The Anonymous Bride

Anonymous said...

The Anonymous Bride has one more comment. I'm crazying about shoes regardless (if you had hoofs like me you'd understand)....but when it comes to my wedding my thoughts are: I found the dress of my dreams - I just can't slap any old shoes on these feet! It's a day you want everything to be as perfect as it can be ... even if it's just a detail only me (the bride) will see! Including my granny panties! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey - I just noticed this is titled Bridezilla.........
You better hope I don't beat you with all my gold (DWS) shoes sister!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you "Anonymous Bride". My wedding is 9 months away and I spend more time looking at shoes than dresses! I'm terribly sad I won't see you in action at DSW since I'll be in chicago..probably looking at shoes! I'll expect a full account of all the action on FB or this blog!

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