Sunday, November 23, 2008

We survived! (But the bag didn't.)

What a fun, fun time Molly & Drew's wedding was. The bride looked gorge, the wedding party was super fun and the new Mr. & Mrs. looked so incredibly happy. YEAH!

And, the survival kit got LOTS of use yesterday.

I love being the bridesmaid in charge of "fixing" people's problems. Whether it's taking care of a stomach ache, helping out with unexpected "lady problems" or chalking over a stain on the bride's dress, my self-made wedding day survival kit bag has made its rounds through nearly all of the weddings I've been in.

(Well, the contents have. The bag has been replaced a couple of times. That stuff is HEAVY.)

Let's take a gander at what was used yesterday:

  • SAFETY PINS. Carrie and I each had wardrobe malfunctions and needed pins to holster our bra straps into our dresses.

  • TISSUES. Molly asked for a couple of them before the loooooong trip down the aisle. She then proceeded to shove them into Drew's pocket right before they exchanged their vows. (Note: He had to take the tissues out of his pocket about 4 seconds later when they both got a little teary. Awww.)

  • HAIRSPRAY & MIRROR. Duh. However, Carrie also got resourceful with the hairspray and reattached a runaway fake eyelash using some. That was crafty.

  • BOBBY PINS. All of the bridemaids' hair was super cute yesterday (thanks to Kelly!), but most of the styles required a lot of bobby pins. The more everyone moved/danced, the more the supply in the bag dwindled.

  • ASPIRIN. I got a killer headache right after the ceremony (I forgot to have caffeine in the a.m. -- duh), so I popped three pills (and a Red Bull... which may or may not have had some vodka in it) and was good to go.

  • DEODORANT. Some of us were so cold, we were sweating. I know that sounds like it makes no sense, but it happened. Thank goodness for the cucumber scented Dove.

  • EVIAN SPRAY. A couple of the groomsmen were feeling schivatz after a long day of drinking, so a few quick sprays from the Evian toner/refresher spray and they were ready to break it down. (Literally. One of the guys at the wedding was break dancing.)

  • PLASTIC BABUSHKA. We didn't really need this at all yesterday (it was cold, but not rainy), but Drew put it on during pictures to keep some of us girls entertained during "down" times.

Unfortunately, the survival kit bag itself did not fare so well. As in, it completely busted open.

But I just think that means even the bag was so happy for the newly married couple that it was busting at the seams. ;)

Now I have to go see if I've got anything in there for dancing injuries. Apparently your dear Always A Bridesmaid thought it was a good idea to do the splits. On the dance floor. In my bridesmaid dress.

And I'm paying for it today.


Chill said...

We really did use the hell out of that thing. Don't forget, besides the usage of the deodarant and the hairspray for my faulty eyelash, I also needed a band-aid for my blister. Thank goodness for that bag.
The wedding was such a fun time! Question: Will there be a blog about your dad at Weddings? I think you could start a whole blog just on that alone. He IS the life of the party.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Carrie - how could I forget that you affixed your lash using hairspray? LOL.

Hmmm... I will suggest the blog to dad on Thanksgiving. He did not disappoint by staging yet another ass smacking pic with Michele.

Joey said...

Our Dad = Michael Scott.

Ashley said...

This is the best idea ever. And cucumber scented Dove is the best!!

Chill said...

Ummm...I've got an ass smacking video of him smacking Jen's ass! In fact, I've got a few videos of your dad dancing. It's so funny! He was the one man all of the girls were dancing with and therefore was the envy of all the men at the wedding.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your dad is the man!! I took copious notes and now will dedicate my life to grinding gorgeous women. Thanks for changing my life.

heisschic said...

ah HA- good call on the water and plastic hair nets (i know that's not what they are- but it's what they look like!)

gotta add to the bag....