Sunday, June 21, 2009

A (Mc)sizzlin' Saturday

One of my favorite parts about having all my friends get married is the pre-wedding bachelorette bash. I mean, who doesn't love a nice confection in the shape of male genitalia, right?

Well, this past weekend was a first for me in celebrating a friend's pending nuptials. My girlfriends and I actually threw an all-girls bachelor party for our friend Brian (the groom-to-be of the bride we celebrated for last weekend).

Brian has always been like one of the girls (he's the kind of guy who makes you take your shoes off when you walk into his impeccable house), and we've all been friends with him since 'N Sync was cool.

(OK, maybe 'N Sync was never really "cool"... but work with me here...)

Anyhow, we decided to throw a bachelor party for Bri to help him celebrate his last weeks of singledom with his best girl friends (even though we all know deep down that he'll be waaaaaaay better off once he gets hitched).

We hit up Sushi Rock for dinner, gave him some questionable gifts (can you say gay section at Ambiance?) and then surprised him with tickets to see Artie Lange at the Improv (he's a huge Howard Stern fan).

After that, we took the party to (where else?) the roof of the Velvet Dog. Like last weekend, it turned out to be a crazy nite. Lots and LOTS of random conversations. And shots.

When the bar closed, we decided to head to Panini's for a piece (or three) of 'za. And guess who we saw there when we arrived, ladies and gentlemen?


Yep, he was there with one of the friends whom we had met with him the weekend earlier. The friend immediately recognized us and came over to chat (while McSizzle was otherwise occupied by a blonde in a heinous red satin shorts jumpsuit... I mean, really... where do you even BUY something like that?!?!?).

Once McSizzle said goodbye to the slutty Mrs. Claus wannabe, he came over and chatted with us too. The boys agreed that we should exchange numbers so we could help show them around town. And during the course of that conversation, we also discovered... wait for it... that McSizzle has a long-distance girlfriend.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand there you have the story of my love life.

But at least now I'll never wonder about the "what if" with him, right?

Now if only I could retract that Facebook message... ;)


Piper said...

OOOoooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh. Damn. What luck though that you'd run into him again. And hey, residency is tough, long distance things don't always survive... Was his friend cute?

Jane said...

Perhaps McSizzle's long distance relationship will fizzle in the near future? I agree it's better not having to wonder about the "what ifs." Who knows, maybe McSizzle will end up introducing you to someone and being the lucky winner of the finder's fee! :-)

MG said...

nah, don't sweat sending that message.

you stated your postion. Stand firm in it but don't make a big deal of it either- nothing good comes from being wishy-washy.

Anonymous said...

MG - what happened to your blog????

Rena Barbara Jeana said...

Ugh. And I agree with Piper, long distances do not last so maybe in the future?

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Piper -- I know, right? Guess maybe the universe was telling me something by forcing me to run into him again.

Jane -- oooh, I never thought about McSizzle potentially introducing me to someone... fun!

MG -- cool... thanks!

Rena -- hmmm... you never know, right? He DID give me his number before he mentioned the GF (which, in retrospect is sorta weird, no?), so I do have his contact info now.

slopmaster said...


well, long distance never works, so just get in there as a friend...

but humm.. yea, too bad about the Facebook message.